About This Blog

I’ve had such a radical renovation of my life since God got a hold of me that I now live a laughably, ridiculously, over-the-top happy and fulfilling life.  Like the kind you see on commercials.  Like the kind of Cheshire-cat happy I used to observe in other people but secretly wonder if they weren’t weird or something.  Now I know: they’re not crazy, I just hadn’t experienced true happiness yet to even know what it was.  Some people take drugs to feel this way; I get it for free.  And it doesn’t wear off.

But I can’t live with myself if I hoard it all and allow others to drudge along in misery.  What if no one had told me?  I surely would be dead.  So, I simply have to share these secrets so others can experience freedom, too.  In fact, this stuff is so radical, so far-reaching, so compelling I gave up everything I had in life to dedicate myself full-time to sharing this outstanding find so the suffering can hurry up and end.  We don’t need more products and gadgets, we need to be rescued from the web of lies they’ve bound us in for too long!!!  The world would be so much better to live in if people weren’t miserable and abusive to each other.  THIS STUFF WORKS, IT REALLY WORKS.

Your life isn’t going to get better by knowing about me.  Therefore I don’t blog about myself, I cut to the chase and give you what can help you.  I’m not doing anything you can’t do, I wasn’t born a superhero or anything.  I’m just a woman on a journey, riding along as the Spirit fills my sails; each new horizon enticing me to lean further, feel the tug, sharpen my skills and leave a foamy trace of what I learned in that place, at that moment, as I was then.  I don’t claim to know it all or have seen it all, but what I do learn I’m willing to share.  I sincerely hope it helps you as much as it helped me.

“Ahhhhhh, So this is what true freedom feels like!  Man, it is so much smoother to sail with Christ in the boat.”


How has this impacted your thinking on the matter?

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