Posted by: sailingspirit | July 14, 2016


Have you forgotten that they often awake alone?

                                                                          in the dark?

                                                                          bound and restricted?

                                                                          stuck in one place?

                                                                          experiencing decay?

                                                                          bad smells?

                                                                          perhaps bugs?

                                                                          no communication?

                                                                          no one looking for them?

                                                                          no wardrobe, no possessions?

                                                                          weak, perhaps hungry?

                                                                          job re-allocated?

                                                                          loved ones moved on?

To truly crucify yourself and die to your old life may require this tomb time.

Resurrection may be a shock to you before it shocks anyone else.






How has this impacted your thinking on the matter?

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