Posted by: sailingspirit | October 31, 2015

Faith In Hardship: God’s Prevention A Lesser Love

I was just thinking about the seeming cruelty in the 400 years of slavery Jacob’s descendants had to go through in Egypt, especially considering the fall it must have felt like after enjoying privileged status for so long in Joseph’s era.  If God loved them so much to take them out of famine to feasting and honor, why did He not love them enough to keep it that way?  To prevent the suffering of slavery?

Two things, related actually:  1) Complacency, and 2) Perspective

Re: 1) Truth is, Evil prowls endlessly looking for easy targets, so anyone who gets too comfortable in the good times that they let their guard down and get complacent about defending and protecting what they’ve been blessed with is asking to get hit.  Periodic fire drills help maintain awareness, preparedness, and skillful expediency.

During their free grazing years, the clans of Jacob had their run-ins with area city-kings and had to learn how to defend and protect everything they had acquired, including developing some diplomacy.  Eventually, they reached a limit beyond which they didn’t know how to do, or didn’t have the resources to do.  Scaling up was going to be a challenge.

Which leads me to Re: 2) From God’s perspective, He wanted so much more for them but the truth was they were a small start-up in a wider world of bigger, more established, and more experienced empires.  How could they possibly compete with that?  At a certain point, God knew it would be wiser to pivot from a beginner-level strategy to a mid-level strategy that would better prepare them for the ultimate outcome of being their own successful empire, outshining the others.  Like an intriguing spy movie, Phase II required humbling themselves into Undercover Mode.  By working within the deepest crannies of a very successful (albeit ungodly) empire, they learned all the good tips and–here’s the part not to miss!–all the weaknesses of their future opponent.  When the day finally came, God helped them run off with all the goodies knowing exactly which threads to pull to unravel the whole shebang.  AND FROM THAT POINT ON, THEY NEEDN’T FEAR THAT EMPIRE AS A RIVAL ANY LONGER.

Thus the true grandeur of God’s love could be expressed by blessing His people profusely, because they 1) were better prepared to build it, manage it, and defend it; and 2) had a leg up on the competition to successfully take over the top of the mountain.

So if the truth of God’s Greater Love is overcoming to lasting peace rather than retreating to comfort but living in constant worry, how can we apply it to our own lives, to maintain faith during hardship?


a) In what area do you feel you should be blessed and expanding in?

b) Have you reached your peak according to the methods you presently know?  Does scaling up seem daunting?

c) Have you yet experienced a pivot point in which, knowingly or not, you had to downgrade your status into Stealth Mode to learn some new secrets from the competition?

If so, now is the part where your faith needs to be applied to your perspective.  If God wants you to have His Best, which is bigger than other people’s best, there needs to be a pathway to get you there.  Work at seeing the Phase III that follows Phase II.  When you succeed at Phase II you should know all their best stuff and their weaknesses, feeling prepared to exit Undercover Mode revealing the superstar you have always been, ready to expand AND take down the competition SO THAT you won’t have to fear losing your grand accomplishments after the fact.


So don’t confuse the stealthiness of Phase II as some kind of abandonment or shortcoming on God’s part.  Spies always communicate with their home bases on the down-low.  God doesn’t want to blow your cover by throwing His weight around in too flashy a way too soon!  He’s being stealthy with you.  Just keep your head down and focus on being a good spy.

Then, when it’s time for Phase III, think about how you might like to do your grand reveal.  Rip open your button-down to reveal the Superman logo underneath?  Whip off a mask and cackle?  Or the magnum power of meekness, quietly stating what will blow their minds and blow the roof off the whole place, like Esther did?*

*If I may, I suggest the quiet atomic method.  Because I have noticed the most powerful people in the world are sooooo confident in the true supremacy of their power they don’t have to brag about it to convince others it’s true.  They don’t care what people do or don’t believe, it has no bearing on their power anyway.  Results speak for themselves.  Isn’t it eerie how a person can just wag a finger or nod their head, and suddenly people leave the room and crazy things happen?  Yikes!  Showing no fear by remaining calm also has the opposite end of the spectrum, showing no excitement over power as if you’re surprised it’s working.  No need to discuss it when you could just be getting on with it.  Thus I suggest your Phase III reveal be so cool, it’s like being the most awesome is the only way you’ve ever been, a daily occurrence for you.  “Of course,” you’ll say, “Don’t you?”     ; )









How has this impacted your thinking on the matter?

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