Posted by: sailingspirit | August 15, 2015

The MVP: Most Valuable Product

Calibration check:

Have you forgotten that the most valuable product does not come from you?  If you’ve been stressed or striving lately, you’ve gotten swept up in the fallacy that your value is in what you accomplish or produce.


The product doesn’t come from you, the most valuable product IS YOU.

Success in life is to become very much like the single Greatest that has ever been: God Himself.  Everything He creates, produces, expresses is cataclysmic-ally, outrageously, perfectly, elegantly, sublimely and eternally impactful simply because it comes from the One who is all those things.  He is perfection.  Are you perfection?  If you are substandard, everything that comes out of you will be, too.

So your #1 priority should be likening yourself to Him in every possible way, until you have transformed yourself so much that thereafter you can’t help but produce marvelous things.  For the first 60, 70, even 90% of your effort your only goal is to become His ultimate product.  At that point, you cannot be a one-hit-wonder, you can only be serially amazing, transformative, sought after as the “sure thing.”  Any one of those outcomes, much less the sum, in that finale 10% will far and away surpass any mediocre success you could have attained by striving the 90% up to that point anyway.  It’s true!

Do you want your legacy to be that you succeeded, or that you tried really hard?

Do you want to fizzle, or do you want to go out with a bang?.







How has this impacted your thinking on the matter?

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