Posted by: sailingspirit | August 7, 2015

Mothers: DO the Crazy

When besieged with the Anointing for Motherhood, the fundamental change in your being is overwhelming.  In an instant, the coup d’etat demands a shift in priorities, information gathering and actions that somehow is always a greater or lesser level of near-panic.  And it goes down to the level of every. little. hair.  Each equally critical as the whole.  For new mothers this sudden obsessive/compulsive and exaggeration-beyond-all-logic nature convinces them (and assuredly others) they’ve gone certifiably crazy.  It’s one thing to do the jumping jack scream when your son scores the winning touchdown at the Superbowl—“THAT’S MY SON!!!!!!  THAT’S MY SON!!!!!!  MYYY SON!!  MINE!!!  THAT’S MY SONNNNN!!!!!!   HAVE YOU MET MY SON????”—but it’s another thing entirely when there’s no event, the kid simply walked in the door.  Or you looked at a photo.  Doing the jumping jack scream in front of the entire population of the city—or at least wanting to really badly—over a simple image of your child, that feels pretty nuts.  Add all the gushing tears and emotional paralysis and you almost want to be locked up for crazy.

Hee hee…  But you’re not.  It’s not crazy, it’s God.

That day you got zapped was the day all of God’s enthusiasm and commitment to His creation was downloaded into you like a zip file, and you became His megaphone of love in this physical realm.  “I told him/her personally while we were in Heaven, but now that s(he) is there on Earth, I want to make sure s(he) doesn’t forget.  I need you to be my voice for me.”  Trouble is, God-sized love and enthusiasm doesn’t fit in a human-sized body.  So it comes leaking out, bursting out like a hydrant or explosion until everyone in range is good and saturated in it.

Thus it is necessary to:

1)   Remember it’s not your crazy, it’s God-sized love

2)   Let ‘er rip because if you restrain it God’s message won’t get heard and they won’t know

3)   Explain clearly that you’re expressing God’s enthusiasm so they won’t dismiss it as just your crazy.

That’s the love and support that will travel with them when they leave you, everywhere they go.  Thus God says, “Be My megaphone. DO the crazy, so s(he) knows how big My love and support is.”

And that’s not embarrassing at all.  That’s the most beautiful message of all.  And everyone wants to hear it.



How has this impacted your thinking on the matter?

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