Posted by: sailingspirit | December 1, 2014

Forgive: Get Ahead By Giving It Back

Ever notice that a result of being wounded is to shy away from future goodness, out of suspicion and fear?  We no longer readily accept compliments, loving gestures, or “put ourselves out there” because trust has been broken and we don’t want to be easy targets.  We hide, accepting a reduced position or reduced-joy status in life.  Someone else hurts us the first time, but we continue to deprive ourselves thereafter.  What a shame!  I bet much of Darkness’ intent in wounding is not really the initial wound at all, since we can recover from those, but precisely the residual aftermath that is so easily and forever stirred back up again with the slightest of provocations.  The woundedness actually increases with each new memory, unresolved.

But consider this:

“Fore” means either A) previously, as in the past, or B) out front, ahead.

Thus the word “For-give” means both to give back and to give front position, or get ahead.

Not the other person, though–YOU.  Forgiveness does NOT mean erasing their guilt and re-labeling them Not-Guilty, or putting them in a position ahead of you in power and just suffering that way forever.  It means giving back the yuck and putting yourself back out front of the mess so you’re first in line for the next blessing that comes along.

When some Darkness tries to give you something that is clearly not a blessing, you can:

  1. Stop your internal process,
  2. Send it back on the Darkness that gave it to you, and
  3. Re-position yourself at the Headship of control and Forefront of Receiving Blessings

Don’t let those who hurt you decide your position in life, choose your own!


How has this impacted your thinking on the matter?

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