Posted by: sailingspirit | February 9, 2013

Valuable or Impressive?

Choose which you’d rather be:

Valuable           or            Impressive         

I see some people resisting submission to God because they assume doing so will force them to admit their shortcomings and the end result will be feeling worse about themselves.  It’s true that they’ll have to face their shortcomings one by one over time, but it’s NOT true that they’ll come out feeling worse for doing so.  What happens (when you start a relationship with God, not religion) is that you exchange your Impressiveness for Valuableness.  You first come to realize how majorly impressive God really is!  :o    And then, by comparison, how majorly not-impressive you’ve actually been.  :/   But, then God shows you how extremely valuable you are to Him because of how much of His awesomeness He’s put into you as potential you haven’t even begun to reach yet–but can, and will, with His help.  :D    And finally, you realize how the latter is so much more important than the former anyway and what your heart was really seeking after all along.  You come out feeling on top of the world.

So you don’t have to impress God because it’s moot.  You’re not auditioning or applying for anything with Him; He chose you for your specific role on Earth before you were even born, so it was “in the bag” a long time ago.  And He promised to make everything you would need to succeed available to you along the way; as long as you stayed on track and followed His instructions, you are guaranteed.  So what can you gain by trying to impress Him, when you already have it all?  The CEO doesn’t kiss anybody’s butt.

If you’ve been trying to impress people in the hopes that they’ll value you, how often does that work?  Was the amount they valued you, or length of time they continued to value you, enough for you?  If they value you for something one day they’ll turn around and despise you for it the next day; people are so fickle.  So if wearing yourself out trying to be impressive and then scraping up enough energy to be valuable afterward is not working for you, why not skip all that and try what is better?  You’re not undiscovered talent, you’re just not working with the agent you already have.

Admit to God where you don’t measure up so well, and let Him show you how great a measure of potential in that area hides within you.  Ask Him for more of His awesomeness, and to help you get there.  You won’t feel bad about yourself, you’ll feel inspired and invigorated at what you have to look forward to!  “I may not be all the way there yet, but I sure am glad I’m not where I used to be!”  He will reinforce your value all along the way, and as for those other people who may or may not be paying any attention: over time they will have to take notice because the great increase in your value will surely become impressive indeed.



  1. This reminded me that in the book “Cure for the Common Life” Max Lucado says “If you are full of yourself, God cannot fill you”.

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