Posted by: sailingspirit | January 13, 2013

Robed Rogue

The premeditated ousting of merchants from the Temple, which occurred early in Jesus’ ministry, was a turning point not to be understated:

The 30-year-old suddenly becomes equally famous and notorious, enough to be of national concern.  The people want him made king, while the authorities want him jailed.


Because he upsot their precious economic power system.

But at that moment, he did not have authority in the system nor did he claim authority from God; he left the merit of the action stand until his authority was later made clear.

It was after provoking their precious Mammonic economy that he had to go hiding as a refugee.  From here on his ministry is done on the outskirts and in hiding.  He made careful appearances in public when he knew they’d resist riot.  It may have been about this time Jesus told the disciples to sell personal property if necessary to buy swords, probably for self-defense.  Jesus was not against violence, merely the use of it for revenge.  He increasingly taught about the Kingdom of Heaven and how it contrasts with the World; the Kingdom could not be set up using force, but the World knows no greater power to use.

“I send you out as sheep among wolves.”

The Bible talks more–many times over–about money handling than salvation or righteousness.  Economic stability has always been located in the fulcrum of belief: either God can supply enough for all, or we must clobber each other for scattered leftovers.  Who, or what, you determine to be your source determines your future.

Based on A. Nolan’s book Jesus Before Christianity and C. Hill’s teaching series, God’s Power to Get Wealth


How has this impacted your thinking on the matter?

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