Posted by: sailingspirit | January 4, 2013

Make A Resolution About Resolution

Happy New Year!  Along with my well-wishes I share one of my favorite posts for ensuring success:

Consider your cell phone for a moment:  The battery allows you to have more flexibility in its use, available on-demand wherever you happen to need it, which is great, but it only lasts for short periods and after each you have to plug it back in to recharge it.  If you want to have a phone that is always-on, always in use, you have to have it permanently plugged in–a land line that’s hardwired.  And you don’t think this is the slightest bit weird, nor does anyone else when you tell them you have to hang up and re-charge.  As a matter of fact, we’ve been using batteries of all kinds for multiple decades now, and are well familiar with their pros and cons.

So if this concept of battery power is natural for us now, why do our minds short circuit when the same principle exists in the area of will power?  It’s the same thing!

Will power doesn’t last longer than a battery because it was designed not to.  God gave you will power for the flexibility of handling minor activities or needs on the fly, and should last you as long as you need it in the moment, but was never intended to be a permanent replacement for your true power source–Him!  Remember, you are here on Earth as delegates of The Kingdom of Heaven and are to represent Him using the authority and dominion He gave you.  Will power’s purpose is to empower you to do some things on your own without having to wait for answer to prayer about every miniscule thing.  It’s to give you some autonomy; you’re not helpless!  As long as you are in regular contact with Home Base to stay up-to-date on what’s happening and keeping up with your Continuing Ed/Training so that you’re equipped, He trusts you to make some decisions and moves on His behalf!  “This is what I want done and this is how I want you to do it.  Okay, Team, move out!”  At no time did God ever want you to disconnect from His power or guidance permanently and float it on your own.  Scripture tells us this directly: we can succeed at nothing without Him, He wants to be in partnership with us on everything, and that our greatest fulfillment in life will occur when we’re willing to embark on things too big for ourselves but not too big for Him, that He may show us just how powerful He is.

When you consider this truth, doesn’t that shape how you set your resolutions and expectations for the New Year?  Let’s take a common resolution, getting in shape, as our example.  If will power is only a battery, we should not be the least bit surprised to start out the year with plenty of energy but poop out after six weeks of continuous use.  We can succeed at nothing without Him, so if Jesus is not your workout partner, you are guaranteed to fail!  He wrote this for you before you even put your sneakers on!  God wants to be your partner in this endeavor, wants to help you succeed, wants to be your daily power connection.  Don’t unplug!

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” about this topic, says the Lord, and if you’ve ever been on the New Year’s fitness spiral you know it’s true.  You start out great, but then falter a little, and the Enemy makes you feel like you just didn’t try hard enough, so you try a little harder–with your will power–and eek out a bit more, then stumble again, and the Enemy makes you think you’re just not naturally good at this stuff so you’re at a greater disadvantage than everybody else, you try again but with weakened spirit and when you don’t see results, he gives you more self-depreciating thoughts, until finally you spiral down so far you’re convinced you were just born a failure and you’ll never have a shot at achieving your goal, ever.  So you stop trying.  (Sound familiar?)  Satan takes advantage of the will power battery truth that you don’t know and uses it against you to thwart your goals.  As your will power weakens, his attacks strengthen, having no mercy on you whatsoever.  But now that you do know, you can break that downward spiral and thwart him instead!

Follow the Word’s advice and get involved with God, from the planning process onward.  Ask God what goals He thinks are fit for you, and He will reply “You can become this with My help.”  Use your will power battery to do your part, such as putting your sneakers on and getting out the door, and then use your connection to His power to push through when you feel your battery start to weaken.  At every point Satan would discourage you, God can encourage you!  Fight the power of doubt and discouragement with an even bigger power, to spiral up with success!

Here’s a final suggestion, whether for your New Years resolutions or any time of year:  When you put your phone (music player or whatever) in the charger to power up, spend that length of time in fellowship with God to power yourself up with the Holy Spirit and the Word.  By the time the little green light comes on, you’ll both be full-up and ready to go!  After a few weeks of this practice, it will become natural for you to think of your own power as mere convenience battery and a daily need to “plug in” to your real power source.  You’ll be able to feel the difference, too, if you let yourself peter out and will start craving the real thing instead of the substitute.  At that point, it’s not about have-to, it has become want-to!  You’re always more likely to succeed at the things you enjoy.

Make this year the best yet by not only doing different things, but by doing things differently.


How has this impacted your thinking on the matter?

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