Posted by: sailingspirit | January 2, 2013

Unbelief pt 2: What’s On Your Channels?

In the previous post Clarification: The Quality of Your Faith, Not Quantity I illustrated the critical but oft-misunderstood relationship between unbelief and faith.  Here I’d like to share a golden nugget about unbelief that will help you identify it in your own life, so that you can yank it out.

Unbelief creeps into your life in three forms:

Ignorance — you can’t believe what you don’t even know about in the first place.

Unbelief (or Insufficient Belief) — not enough evidence (from your senses) to help you believe what you know.

Disbelief — Evidence or not, you choose not to believe.  Usually, you turn away from that toward believing someone/something else instead.

Look carefully at the nature of each of those:

In the first, we’re discussing knowledge, which is of the intellectual part of a person.

In the second, we’re discussing evidence gathered by the physical senses, or how the person interacts with the physical world, and thus is the physical part of a person.

And in the last, what a person chooses after the first two are acquired; that’s the attitude applied, or the spirit of a person.

Thus, you can search out contamination in your faith by systematically checking each of the basic components of your person, the Mind, Body, and Spirit.  Like programming a TV set, click through each channel to see whether static is occluding the picture or whether things are coming through nice and clear.  Address each one individually and make sure you hit all three in the sequence.

Dead TV

(Photo credit: rickremington)

(Remember, the spirit should be in charge, with the mind and body following in line.  Any other order of authority causes big messes and unnecessary suffering.  Determine what the “party line” should be, from the Word, which is spirit and then demand obedience from your mind and body in conformance with that Word.)


For the next post in this series, see Unbelief Part 3: Cool or Fool?


How has this impacted your thinking on the matter?

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