Posted by: sailingspirit | December 30, 2012

Clarification: It’s The Quality of Your Faith, Not the Quantity

If you’ve ever tried getting results in your life via faith and felt frustration instead, it’s likely someone has tried to explain to you that you didn’t have “enough faith.”  Now, granted, faith is like a muscle and you can build it up, strengthen it, etc., however if that’s the extent of the answer they gave you you were unfortunately shortchanged.  You deserve to know the whole truth, not only a piece thereof.

To their frustration, many people put Faith and Unbelief on the opposite ends of the same spectrum, believing that if they build up their faith, they will have proportionately less unbelief.  Like a slider on a measuring bar, 75/25 one way or 10/90 the other way.

Not really, no.

Picture it this way instead: You have a glass on the table in front of you, and there’s some water in it.  You might have a little in there or a lot, either way it’s still water and it’s good for you.  Now describe the water.   Is it perfectly clear and clean?  Or is it colored?  cloudy?  Are there particulates in it?     Even if you have a lot you wouldn’t want to drink it if there was gunk in it, because you know that the water would be good for your body but the gunk may hurt you.  Faith is like that.  Your faith is a glass.  God poured some faith into your glass at the beginning, which is sufficient to do good for you.  You may or may not have added to it since then.  But consider the quality of your faith: if you have unbelief in your head or your heart, you have contaminated faith.  There’s stuff ‘n’ junk in your faith.  Ew.  The faith is working on your behalf, but the gunk works against you.  Get the “ew” out, so you have 100% pure, clean, clear faith, and you’ll get better results.

If you own a car, you may have already experienced this principle with your engine performance and gasoline.  If you have poor  quality gas or gunk in your tank, or even water that doesn’t belong there, the engine gets clogged and the performance starts to decline.  You might even feel the “hit and miss” going on in the cylinders while you’re driving.  Cleaning out the gunk improves performance, whereas letting it build up too much puts you at risk of damage or no performance at all.

So this faith thing is as easy as that.   It’s not your job to make faith, that’s God’s job.  And the measure of faith God issued you at the beginning is sufficient when it’s clean, clear and pure.  (A speck of plutonium still packs a punch, right?)  You’re able to multiply it if you want to, so that you’ll have faith about all the areas of life God has made promises about.  But your job is pretty much the same as what was given Adam and Eve all those years ago: using your dominion, maintain, manage, and protect what you’ve been given.   Keep the junk out, so it won’t spoil what you have.  While “driving” your life, make sure you take care of your faith-engine so you don’t have the frustration of hit-and-miss results to your faith.

Go ahead and look at all the scriptures for yourself.  Jesus said a mustard seed-sized amount is enough to move mountains for you, get you healed, walk on water, etc. but short-lived or contaminated faith truncates or reduces the quality of the results.  To scoop out the contaminants in your faith:

  1. spend more time getting to know Him and His Truth,
  2. more time focusing on what He says than what anyone or anything else says,
  3. and actively replacing junky thoughts and beliefs with His thoughts and beliefs.

You’ll feel better right away, and you’ll see better results.

Purity, Not Quantity.

Get a Brita filter for your body, a Bible filter for your life.


For the next post in this series, see Unbelief Part 2: What’s On Your Channels?



  1. There is no question for me that God exist. Who else would mess with me to this extent. Everything you have been told about god is a lie. He is vindictive, uncaring, selfish, unforgiving, ungrateful, and quite frankly not very powerful. Look to Job for how well Lucifer too advantage of Gods stupidity and weakness. He allowed the devil to ruin one of Gods most beloved believers and for what, to prove his own vanity? It happens to me every day. There is not a day that I don’t curse Gods very existence, and I long to someday have the opportunity to punch him in the face, spit in his eye, and rip the pocket of his shirt like he has done to me, and every other human being on this planet.

    I am THE disgruntled believer..

    I grew up believing that God was all the things I was taught. I could not understand why all the bad stuff happened to me. Now I do. He hates me. He hates all of us. If you do not believe me, you just do not see it, yet, but you will.

    I have everything you think you could ask for but I did not get it from him. I earned it. Talent, because I developed it to counter all the troubles he gives me. A good career because of the talent I developed. For instance, I prayed, again for the uncountable time, for God to just let me be happy, To not mess with me and let things work once, the first time. What I got for a reply? The car door would not lock. I had to go back, pull the keys out of my pocket, with great effort and frustration (because they would not come out as easy as they went in) walk back to the car in sub zero temperatures and manually lock the door.

    I have a wonderful wife who does love me, but I had to get my heart broke three times and two marriages to get that. If God were very powerful, I would have had love the first time….

    It boils down to this… My ancestors took a bite from the tree of knowledge. At that point is when God let me and my family to our own will. Guess what? You came from the same ancestors.

    I truly wish there was some way for you to help me. My hatred for God affects my life, and all the people I love. What you wrote was though provoking but not even close to solving why God hates us so. Is it because we killed his son? That would piss me off, but I did not do it. Give me a break!

    • Hmmm…I can hear so many familiar things coming from your heart as you write. First I’d like to ask this question: what does God get out of making an effort to torture you? Do you have something God needs or cannot get any other way? That kinda puts you above Him, doesn’t it? He wouldn’t bother if He didn’t get something out of it, so does that particular goal make sense? Not really, no.
      Obviously I don’t know you deeply, I can only know what you wrote, but having been where you are it’s familiar to me. Since you opened up your heart and shared with me, I hope you’ll permit me to open mine and put a few things on the table for your consideration, at your choosing, since you said you wished I could help.

      If you’ll pardon me for just a moment…[ATTN. SPIRITS OF DARKNESS: SHUT UP!!! I render you blind, deaf, dumb and powerless, binding you up and casting you out immediately without revolt. I cancel your assignments against this man and re-assign you to shackles on the edge of the Fire until God deals with you directly! I overturn the thrones of those who sent you and sever any communication lines or devices you’ve set up. This ends right now, and you are not permitted to return to him! I loose him from your torment right now, and plead The Blood over him, his marriage, family, home, car and workplace in Jesus’ name!]

      Okay. Got that out of the way.

      It sounds like your early experience was with religion, not direct relationship with God Himself, and perhaps they not only withheld from you His Presence but also the benefit of understanding the Big Picture context you’re living in. Perhaps also His Word. I was well past 30 before I got any of that, and to be honest I was pretty bitter at first because I could have avoided many years of suffering if only I had known. And it was after that I found out I have a Joseph Calling on my life, which is even more extreme! Not a soul around me had any idea what that meant, so I was really sink-or-swim on my own there for a while. At least it felt that way. I found out later, though, in a very awesome Matrix-like revelation experience, that I was not only not alone but that God had been right with me helping me survive it all even when I wasn’t speaking to Him anymore. It was a real foot-in-mouth moment, but my friend I swear to you any amount of embarrassment and humility is worth the relief and love experienced learning He really does care.

      It’s challenging to sum it all up in a brief reply, but I’ll give the highlights of what I’ve learned as essentials a quick shot:
      1. Religion is mostly man-made, not God-demanded, so just skip all that and go directly to the good stuff that’s actually useful for getting real results in life. Develop a relationship with God much like you would other people; chat frequently, hang out, share things, get-to-know, etc. Build memories, build rapport, build trust. Give Him opportunities to prove His trustworthiness.* He doesn’t expect more than this.
      2. Knowing the Big Picture is the ONLY thing that makes sense of all the crazy crap we live in. It goes like this: Long ago, God’s sidekick Worship Leader got a big head and decided he could do a better job of being God than God. He promoted himself until 1/3 of heaven’s angels backed him, and it started a Great War in heaven. Lucifer wouldn’t get over himself, even going so far as to tell God “They only worship you because they have to! If they had a choice they wouldn’t choose you!” So, God said “Fine. You want proof? Let’s set it up. Let’s even be fair. A whole new type of being that has never lived before, and therefore cannot be biased. We cannot force them to worship either one of us. We can promote ourselves and influence them, but the line is drawn at compulsion. Whoever has the most at the end of the time period is the better god. Happy? Is 6,000 years enough time for you? ‘Cuz I got all eternity….” And so it began.
      My favorite thing is how God plays others’ pride against them; Lucifer agreed to the terms before thinking it through, leaving a loophole wide open for God to take advantage of. Lucifer can’t create something new, he can only mimic and distort what God does, so when God created the new beings He predisposed them to make the right choice. He even went so far as to make them look just like Him and have pretty much all the same powers as Him, putting them in the Creation totem pole as second only to Himself–that is, above Lucifer and the other angels. Stack the deck like that, and it’s pretty much a no-brainer. Just wait out the clock.
      Bit of a snag when Adam and Eve handed their dominion and authority over to Lucifer & Co. wholesale. With it went their “citizenship” in the Garden of The Easy Life and they became slaves in the Kingdom of Darkness, with all the consequences of the Cursed Life to bear. Without their Glory, they couldn’t overthrow Lucifer to get it back, and he sure wasn’t about to give it back willingly. So, what now? Again, God and loopholes. God gave planet Earth to Human dominion, so He couldn’t contradict Himself and just take it back. It was a crappy one, but nonetheless the Humans’ decision. He was obligated to honor that. However, the rules DIDN’T say God couldn’t come into the Earth as a human, still with Glory intact, and still with Kingdom of God citizenship and all the bennies that go with it, to wrest the control back for them. A-ha! Gotcha again! Jesus met all the requirements and fit within all the rules, being fully human but the original kind, not the fallen kind, and fixed what Adam broke. Then God took it a step further and surprised Lucifer by making Jesus pop up in the World of the Dead–at his own choosing, not anyone else’s–to crush the powers of death, hell, and the grave as well. “How ‘ya like dem apples?!” Everything about the Kingdom of Darkness was defeated and torn down, from the authority and power structures to the law and punishment system, even the curses themselves broken. All the gates flung open, everyone is free to escape! Most did, trading in their “passports” for citizenship in the Kingdom of God again, and the Good Life again. But, sadly, some people are still cowering in their shackles and trudging under the burdens of the old Curse. Did they not get the memo? Why would anyone choose sickness, fear, poverty, shame, hard labor, broken hearts, etc.? Did you know your new bill of rights has no less than 250 statements?! If you’ve chosen to change kingdoms and worship God instead of Lucifer (Satan), you’re now exempt from all his torture. (And, what most will confirm to you is, Satan sends the worst offensive attacks against the ones with the greatest potential to destroy his kingdom. Have you been flogged and crucified yet? Then what are you complaining about?) Satan is counting on you remaining ignorant about scripture so that you’re vulnerable to him. The majority of defeating him is as easy as speaking “It is written…” But if you’re on the battlefield with no helmet, no training, and no sword of scripture then I would expect you to get bludgeoned. This is not the same Red Rover game as when we were kids.
      3. Don’t just trust other people, read the Word for yourself! The Holy Spirit will help you understand it. Have you read how the story of Job ends? Or Joseph? Or David? Jesus went around delivering people from evil spirits, several of which I can tell have been harassing you (such as Hatred, Bitterness, Scorn, Anger, Strife, Doubt, Rebellion, Pride, Self-Idolatry, etc.). He then was able to miraculously heal them (hearts and memories included). And then he taught about the Kingdom of God, and how to operate it to get effective results. I’ve got this written inside the front cover of my Bible: “Until this Word becomes your lifestyle, it will never become your reality.” And near the back, “You won’t feel God in your life so long as you’re too full of yourself to have any room for Him.” The fastest way up the ladder in this Kingdom is to constantly demote yourself before Him. You’ll be shocked where He takes you once He’s sure He can trust you. No joke, I have actually had to tell Him to stop piling things on ‘cuz it’s so much I’m not sure I can handle that much blessing. Maybe Job had more practice than me.
      Anyway, I gotta go but in my Priest/King and Apostolic authorities, delegated to me by the King over all Kings Himself, I declare you free as you wanna be and that you will NOT miss your intended greatness or mission in this life! Prodigals can and do return home every day, with circumcised hearts, and “you shall have double honor!” :D

      *I know you said you’ve had a lifetime of opportunities He’s not taken advantage of, but are you asking Him to be the God of your life or are you demanding to be the God of His? He’s not a genie who exists to grant your wishes or fulfill your agenda, so if your agenda and His are not the same, that would explain a LOT of your disappointments. He promised to provide everything you need to accomplish what He put you on Earth for, He did not promise to provide everything you wanted to do your own rogue thing. Not to say everything you’ve chosen is necessarily bad, but it’s outside the scope of the contract. He’s not obligated to that.

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