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Forgiveness, Tattoos, and the Soul

This is part of the series on Forgiveness, following posts such as God Refurbishes and Recycles and Divide to Conquer: No Friendly Fire

At some point we’ve all said, “If I had that to do over again…” we’d choose differently.  Usually it’s to avoid something that really burned us in life, leaving a bad impression.  Other than in the movies, it usually seems like we can’t go back to change the past so our futures would be better.  But the shocking truth is, WE CAN!  Sort of.  Almost vicariously.  Let me explain:

Consider the difference between choose-your-own adventure books and movies.  In the books, decision points in the story make us choose between multiple paths each of which will result in a different ending.  We don’t have a particular ending in mind or know what endings we’re choosing from, because it’s still a mystery to us.  We’re more in control than a typical book, but still along for the ride so to speak.  Once we get to the end, considering our choices doesn’t accomplish much; changing the past doesn’t improve the future because there isn’t one.  We might cheat, and go read the other options anyway just to see what would have happened, but there’s no guarantee the outcome would be as good or better.  Still a mystery.  And anywhere you jump back into the book, your character goes back to knowing only what could have been learned up to that point–you don’t keep any of your experiences or rewards from the ending to take with you.  In contrast, people in the movies usually travel in time with a specific purpose in mind, whether to create or avoid a certain outcome.  They usually maintain certain knowledge and wisdom from their “present” self and can apply it to whatever part of time they are going to.  And the reason for traveling is not curiosity but a mission–there’s still future at stake.  Changing former choices in the movies changes the outcome in mostly known ways, usually for something already deemed better.  Regret in light of the book method doesn’t do much, but considering the movie-type possibilities, that’s exciting!  It could breed hope, even in a fictional option.

Recall that in the Back to the Future film series, or that TV series Quantum Leap, there was a partnership: one who traveled to complete the change mission and one who served as a guide or adviser, always connected back to the workings of the System and what was really Reality when options were still out there.  They were always in communication with each other, and neither could do it alone.  What if you could be the Mad Scientist and Jesus was your Marty McFly?  Would you do it?  Would you change old decisions to improve the outcomes of your future?  Well coincidence is just God being stealthy, so the lingering curiosity about these plots during this Media Age are good prep for us doing precisely that.  “Great Scott!!!”

In God’s system, repentance is highly recommended for improved futures and well-being.  Repentance simply means changing direction, which means choosing, out loud, to “un-choose” or do the opposite of what was chosen previously.  We make the decision, setting our wills to where we want to go instead, and God provides the power to make it happen.  God, who exists outside of Time (in a realm called Eternity) is able to edit things that happen in Time much like editing a film strip.  Clip over here, paste together over there, etc.  So, when we partner with Him, we tell Him what we have set our will to and He makes the *Zoink!* happen.  (How cool is having a partner like that?!)

When we consider which parts of the past we’d like to change, we often come across events where we were hurt pretty badly, and we carry some effect of that around with us all the time.  Wouldn’t it be nice to change those things?  Dump the hurt, bitterness, and burden?  Indeed.  The future would be so much better.  As stated in a recent post, to forgive is to recognize and realign with the proper team structure: no friendly fire.  So, likewise, forgiveness is a choice we can make today to overturn previous decisions–such as to blame, to change the way we thought about ourselves, decisions about strategies for future relationships, etc.  Using our free will to make this choice (out loud, to God) and partnering with Him begins a process by which those events–and their lasting outcomes–are changed, ending the entrapment of you and them in a single ending only.  Once you are set free to Choose Your Own Adventure, a better future, and you permit God to go to work again in both of your lives, it gets a lot more exciting.

Even if you’ve learned how to do forgiveness, how to see the bigger spiritual picture, and have had total intellectual victory and usually emotional victory, too, you may still feel tormented from time to time like it keeps bubbling back up. Like victories were complete, but only temporary.  Whatever your dream outcome may be, the closer the ultimate day gets you continue to fear how you can ever get past those feelings or prevent them from bubbling back up to ruin everything.

Why does this keep happening?  Will it ever end?

It feels like it keeps coming back up and repeating itself over and over and over in our minds and hearts because we’ve suffered a gouge like a scratch on a record. When the needle gets stuck in the scratch, it plays that same part over and over and over and over until you make the effort to get the needle out–but if you don’t fix the scratch, some time later when it comes around again it will hit that same spot and get stuck all over again.  Beginner and intermediate level forgiveness victories are making the effort to get the needle out of the rut, and succeeding, but not repairing the scratch so that’s why memory keeps ending up there and fighting all over again.  Forgiveness practice allows you to catch it sooner and get it out faster each time, but nevertheless leaving the scratch un-repaired and thus destinating yourself to do it again.

What about the past needs to change, in order to improve our future?

God says He can make awful things okay again, but HOW does He do it?  Though it’s not necessary to know in order for His ability to exist or go to work, it does help on the occasions where our participation is necessary.  At the advanced level of forgiveness, we should try to understand HOW God fixes it, and our role in submitting to that.  Thankfully, it’s so easy to relate to!Who better to teach this than well-decorated spiritual warfare veteran and forerunner, Katie Souza.  One who had a great many soul wounds, both self-inflicted and others-inflicted, who is becoming freer by the minute.  The following is a quick summary of her breakthrough teaching:

When our souls are wounded by sin, whether others’ against us or our own against ourselves, that black spot of sin gives the demonic the legal right to occupy.  Like a secret code that says where the ground is black, they can pitch a tent, but where it’s white they’re not allowed.  Thus, the demons will use our soul bruises as opportunity to keep harassing us. The camping demons are the reason the memory keeps popping back up, particularly at the worst times.  We can keep kicking them out, but if we don’t remove the spots, they are allowed to return. They won’t stop permanently until we fix those spots.  So, we have the choice to war against them repeatedly and with great effort, or take the easy route and just remove the spots so they can’t come back.

So let’s say I found a soul wound.  How do I fix it?

Sin-caused soul wounds are like tattoos; dark, inky, permanent, maybe a little faded when they’re many years old but nevertheless, still there. You can cover them up, forget about them, ignore them, tell yourself you’re totally over it and have moved on, blow it off as a college co-ed caper of your former personality, but they’re still there and anyone else can easily point to them. And if you are trying to hide them, your decisions and behavior will be modified from the norm because they’re still there. For example, you’ll buy the long-sleeve bridesmaid dress instead of the spaghetti-strap dress you were told to get, because they’re still there. And spend the next week hand-wringing over the impending argument with the Bridezilla about it. So the past isn’t so totally in the past, after all.

Getting a tattoo was a deliberate decision to take an action to apply the dark ink.  Likewise, sin is a deliberate choice to take an action that makes a mark.  Forgiveness begins with choosing to undo the previous action and replace it with a new action, like removing a tattoo is a deliberate action.  A highly-concentrated beam of light can be aimed at it and remove the unwanted blotch, bit by bit, section by section, line by line. The process might hurt as much as the original getting, but, if you just stay focused on the task of removal instead of the “tat'” that remains, the pain will soon be over and this time the ugliness will be gone forever. It won’t come popping out ever again to embarrass you, you can make choices freely and unhindered, new people you meet won’t ever know it was ever there, and once in a while you might recall that you had it but it won’t upset or bother you anymore because the wound itself is long gone.  It’s now just a mere fact quickly passed by as the memory plays smoothly along.  There’s some excellent example clips of tattoo removal using light online, such as this one:  tattoo removal by light

THAT’s how God will make it stop hurting. We and God. We will make appointments to get in His chair and sit for a session of line-by-line application of His light that we can and will grit through for as many sessions as it takes for the size of that wound, and then we’ll be free.  When the black spots become white, the demons HAVE TO go, so they will be as easy to take off as a piece of lint.  No more nagging voices, no more haunting feelings, no more embarrassing blow-ups, just–freedom!

What’s more, once our wounds are all cleared up, and we’ve taken back our authority over those demons, we are filled with light and power to illuminate others. We can even “zap” other people no matter how far away they might be or how unwilling they are, by making appointments to sit and focus our faith to guide the beams of Christ onto their wounds for them. And when darkness is removed in them, and they are able to receive more light, they will stop resisting. It will get easy.  So you no longer even have to be disgruntled with the prickly people!  When they’re not looking, zap ’em!

Now that I finally know this advanced step for achieving once-and-for-all victory over past hurts, Ta-ta, Terrible! That’s that for my “tat'”!  I don’t think I’ll see the famous lightning bolt scene of Back to the Future the same way again.

Aren’t you excited by the brilliance of this?  Going to get started right away?  For the complete teaching and guidance on how to apply the Light of Christ to heal soul wounds, click here


How has this impacted your thinking on the matter?

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