Posted by: sailingspirit | October 22, 2012

Questions for ALL SIX Canditates


1.  As people of high profile in the media right now, in particular the type where your work life is dependent upon scrutiny of your personal life, you no doubt have had to reckon with the idea of boundaries lately.  Describe some boundaries in your life and how important it is to you that the most important ones are respected by others.

2. Presidential elections conjure perhaps the greatest focus on the intersection of elected governmental obligation, government purpose, and size, citizens’ freedom, religious freedom, codification of morality and the impact one’s faith has on critical decision making.  Since everything on earth has to have a limit of some kind, a) describe in your own words what the boundaries are between individual governance, spousal governance, familial governance, community governance, state governance, federal governance, and God’s governance.  b) Since you are running for a federal position, give particular attention to where federal governance picks up from smaller levels and where God picks up from the Fed.  What are the indicators you look for to signal the boundary line with God’s governance?  Said another way, when is something too big for your responsibility?

3.  In what ways is your proposed agenda like that of God’s for this world, and in what ways is it different than God’s agenda?  In the areas where it is different, why do you think you are the greater intellect to tell Him His plan is wrong?



  1. Are you trying to say: What divine authority makes you better then me? If you are, I agree.

    Politics needs to be completely cut out of all life decisions and will.

    • No, I’m trying to force them to recognize and admit the reality and necessity of boundaries, in all forms, as well as to contextualize and verbalize specificity in the boundaries on the position of President. It’s an objectivity test, formulated in what appears to be the vaporous contrails of a government that has forgotten such a long time ago.

  2. Firstly, asking candidates to answer reflective questions cannot qualify as preaching, for the simple matter that they are the ones who are doing the speaking, not me. So your first statement is invalid.

    Secondly, I didn’t write anything about force. So I don’t know where you pulled that out of, but that’s also an irrelevant comment.

    Thirdly, God already told us He would be pulling down false governments and establishing His own, at this time, and even told us at length how He would go about it. He put this in writing thousands of years ago. So though it is no news to me, I am pleased to hear someone in int’l gov’t report that the crumbling of the false systems is happening right on schedule.

    Lastly, as I have already told you, I write what I am guided to write and I do not care one iota about popularity or success by worldly standards. I am not some college kid trying to get a job as a writer, and therefore contorting to others’ commentary. I am already employed by a higher authority. I left the world’s inferior system behind long ago, and what I write is from the Godly perspective, not the world’s, so it will never conform to or likely please the world. It’s not supposed to. It’s supposed to transform the world because it is the world that needs changing. Holy Scripture tells us plainly that people who are not of God will not be able to understand Godly things. If you open your Bible, you will see that prophets and apostles never did anything or held back from doing anything on account of popularity or human approval. That’s not their job description. God will not be told to wait or to change His ways to make the world feel more cushy. He is now, as He has always done, dropping a plumb line to see who will make the necessary adjustments to line up and who will dismiss Him as a mere nuisance. I will leave it to you to research what He does with the latter.

How has this impacted your thinking on the matter?

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