Posted by: sailingspirit | October 22, 2012

Fickle and Fool(ed): Cut Bait & Refocus


(Apparently being idolized damages your brain, making you forget the law of having to wear pants in public.)

I’ve watched people idealize, and pattern themselves after, someone they see in the media who possesses traits they yearn for, even to the point of claiming they “love” that person and are the biggest of fans, until he or she arrives–in person–in their community and then suddenly they feel so threatened, they “hate” that person.  This fickle switch between love and hate for the very same characteristics is thoroughly foolish.  They go home grumbling and miserable, and so too do the objects du jour: conditioned to admiration, they go home deflated and worried about what they did wrong.  Does this get anybody anywhere?  No.  Not us, anyway; it gets Satan what he wants.  They do it because they became fools by being fooled.  You see, they are believing the epic lie Satan has been propagating for eons: “Resources are limited.  One must compete.”  They bought into it hook, line, and sinker.  Thus, they initially feel mimicry improves their chances in life until they are out-shone by the original.  ‘Everyone wants only the very best they can get, but their willingness to make an effort wanes with distance/perceived effort.  Bring the “best” right here, and effort is nil.  No one will ever notice me now!’  Their response to sudden (perceived) defeat is vulgar hatred.  And somehow they don’t think that will impact their reputation!

Some say having a dog is a lot of work, others claim babies the moreso, but I suggest having a reputation is the most work of all.  It is a constant sucking drain on your energy, a source of throbbing stress to your every decision conscious or otherwise.  It even makes you fear what other people’s actions will do to you.  It is akin to, if not worse, than a credit score.  So why have one?  Have you ever bothered to question why you “need” it, much less whether your conclusion is correct?  Do you not realize you have become a slave to it?

God lovingly and wisely warns us to steer clear of such agonizing quicksand by telling us to be people of no reputation–wanting our freedom from so much more than just the penalty of sin–and to believe in His ability to create more than enough for all His children.  (Note: He does not promise to provide more than enough for all humans on the planet, He promises to provide abundance for those who respect and honor His goodness.  Are you one of His people, or an ungrateful moocher?)  The Bible repeatedly states how ridiculous it is to worship the recipients of blessings more than the Issuer of Blessings.  Thus, whatever people feared they wouldn’t get when their idols entered their neighborhood has far less to do with how they look, dress, act, talk, or what talents they exhibit than it does where they focus their affection.  “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will transform you.”



  1. The point is that people who buy into Satan’s lie that we have to compete with one another become so fickle as a result that they become two-faced, loving then hating for the very same things. Whatever you might envy in another, you can get from God directly, for free, and without public humiliation by simply learning to delight in God as much or more than you delight in others. It’s the flip of the coin of the previous post, that talked about re-directing anger to achieve forgiveness.

    • God doesn’t need to compete with anyone. Satan himself is a fool for trying.

      Anyone whose heart sincerely seeks the true God will be helped to find him. God Himself is intimately involved in that process, not giving up on anyone. We who have freely received already are instructed to also freely give, that others may join us in our joy that much sooner.

      If by “human nature” you mean somehow inherent, inevitable and unchangeable, you are incorrect. It is not human nature to compete. It is Satan’s nature to compete. We, made in God’s image and likeness, are made in the nature to worship Him and receive from Him. However, as descendants of Adam and Eve who lost their Glory, we are born glory-less. They cannot pass down that which they do not possess. Thus, the nature humans are born with is extremely vulnerable to Satan’s lies, without the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to fight him off effectively. This is how humans acquire his nature. And that is what is inevitable, so long as they continue to live not born-again. Humans who compete with one another have been duped by Satan’s lie. That is the point of the post. I intentionally wrote it in general terms so as to not pigeonhole the point. The photo was the illustrative example.

      But, since you need more hand-holding, I will (this one last time) put the photo–and the post itself–into words again:

      Example: a young woman is hoping to attract a young man, and idolizes a pop star she thinks possesses all the characteristics she wants to have for herself. She believes that the pop star is more attractive than herself, and therefore the young man in question would more likely choose the pop star than her. Feeling the need to compete for his attention, she begins to dress like, do her hair like, do her makeup like, talk like, walk like, etc. that pop star. This seems like a fine-enough strategy in her local community when she feels she is succeeding at garnering the most male attention, until the day said pop star comes through that town on tour. The young woman now evaluates herself against the pop star and realizes she cannot compete, and since all the young men in the community are swooning over the pop star, she has lost the battle. In her desperate competitiveness, she turns on the former idol with derision. The bottom line of the post is that if she had turned her affection, desire, and attention on how great God is instead of how great some guy or some pop star is, God would have made changes in her for her and simultaneously created the perfect match for her who would never want anyone else. She would have gotten exactly what she wanted without all the drama and fuss.

      This has nothing to do with communism. Is not specifically about business, though could be applied to business. And no, it is not necessary to compete to improve.

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