Posted by: sailingspirit | October 14, 2012

Reminder: Divide to Conquer. No Friendly Fire.

[I feel prompted to write about this when I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged at least twice or thrice, so apparently someone really needs to hear it right now.  I’m sorta groggy today but Not a problem!  “Roger, will-co.”  I’ll keep it short and sweet.]

Forgiveness is really not so arduously tough to conquer when we’re given the final piece to the advice puzzle: divide the human who trespassed against you from Satan (or his evil minions), and assign blame correctly.  The way lots of churches and Christians describe forgiveness via Grace lately, it’s like they’re telling you to stop feeling hurt or angry without any justice.  It just sounds sorta above logic and ethereal and something in your gut just doesn’t add up because you know justice matters.  All this is an unfortunate missed opportunity because of the simple reason they forgot to tell you the “separate” step.  Kinda like in baking, or laundry, if your recipe skips a step–even a small one–the outcome can be way wrong.  So put this step back into the recipe and it will be WAY easier, ‘cuz it will make sense.

You feel hurt and angry for good reason, and there is such a thing as holy anger–namely, anger at things that are unholy, that are against God’s way.  God expressed His holy anger lots of times in the Bible, so being angry isn’t wrong.  Furthermore, you were created in His image and likeness.  So don’t be ashamed of feeling angry.  You won’t be a better Christian for pretending you’re not angry.  However, the small but key detail is where you direct your anger.  Be angry as all get-out, as much as you want, when you direct it at the evil influencers who put the person/people up to it.  G’head, get righteously angry!  Stomp on Satan’s head!  And it’s okay to stay angry at him for eternity, too.  Hold a holy grudge.  However, the human you were able to physically see/hear/feel whatever was merely a hand puppet, so don’t waste your energy or time venting too much toward him/her/them.  Satan is not the slightest bit bruised when you yell at other humans.

Actually, he laughs at you because he succeeded at duping you into putting all the blame on the meat puppet who wasn’t bright enough to say no in the first place.  It’s true, this side of the Resurrection Satan can’t do anything to us we don’t agree to go along with, so you can assign a little bit of blame on the human(s).  They could’ve told Satan to bug-off.  But even at that, their guilt for aiding the Criminal is like maybe 10% or 15%, a small slice when you look at the big picture, and that’s the part God is telling you to get over (with His help) so the rift doesn’t remain between you.  This giant war we’re all in is God + Angelic Host + Righteous Who Went To Heaven Already + Us + Most of Creation, vs. Satan and his cronies and the few bits of creation they’ve managed to corrupt.  It’s been fixed in our favor, so don’t mess up a good thing!  All us humans are supposed to be on the same side.  God wants you to get over the small stuff because having enmity within our own troops does not help anybody.  Keep your eyes on the prize, so to speak.

Thus, to win at forgiveness, divide blame correctly amongst all parties and direct your appropriate anger appropriately.  No ‘friendly fire.’     Troops who took part in the raid on Dieppe, Fr...
Now, see?  Isn’t it much easier to shift your anger to Satan than to pretend you don’t feel it at all?


How has this impacted your thinking on the matter?

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