Posted by: sailingspirit | September 22, 2012

You Choose Your Bruise

I’m sure it surprises no one that, having been raised as an American,

I believe killing a person is worse than speaking inconsiderate words.

Because the thing is this:

Being killed is not a choice.  Being offended is.

That’s why Holy Scripture tells us not to do it.  Get offended, that is.

Though murder consists of one crime and offense two,

Killing cannot be taken back.  Words can.

Recklessness brings you relief but not healing.  Reconciliation brings two healings.

Revenge does not balance the score, it takes you down to their level and makes you one of them.

If you honestly think a world made up of people who are all murders because no one else is left, and that’s a good world, we will never see eye to eye.  Because while you bend to draw your plots, I will stand tall and straight.

God’s word says it is not honorable to demand your own honor, but rather to wait humbly until others give it to you.  You are then worthy of double honor.



  1. I’m not sure what you are trying to say here. You are comparing murder with being offended. I can’t figure out why. I am interested in your point of view. You have a good one. I just have trouble understanding you.

    Is this “the gun didn’t kill them the finger behind the trigger did”? “The choice didn’t kill them taking it did”?

    I am very familiar with the bible being brought up baptist. Just a little background on me. I talk of religion on my Personal Support Systems post.

    It sounds like you are also trying to defend the USA in your opening. A country does not make a person good or bad. Just different government. The people everywhere still know right form wrong. This might make your first 2 lines very offensive in the rest of the international community and turn them off to your works.

    • Thanks for your comment. No, I am not defending the U.S. This is a post in generalities, if anything directed at the personal level, not about nations or politics. Truly, culture and the belief systems in which a person is raised will impact his or her thinking, so some implication could be drawn that way. But the point of my post is about offense, and that it is a choice, and that there are consequences we face when we choose to get (unnecessarily) offended just like there are consequences for other things.

  2. Also the USA is not the only country with biblical knowledge, In fact we adopted the King James version. That version was introduced by a scum bag king of England. James the first that followed Elizabeth the first. He believed he had divine right over all. He only had Marshall Law Authority and used the bible for his media. I would say he is guilty of not separating the state from the church. This also is a direct conflict with most in the USA.

    The international community knows this more then we do in the USA. They also have their own versions. We simply refuse to let go of the English version, while we bash everything English due to the revolution 1776.

    This also causes some offense in the international community as well. If you mention the bible being a USA citizen, it may offend in the international community has England’s way. They are not very popular right now. Because we just think we are right when we travel as USA citizens when we have all these conflicts, we are judged poorly.

    This is something people everywhere in all country’s have to work on. Offending another in a world where there is a lot of hurt, anger, and sensitivity. Those things take time to go away.

    You need to write more. Your opinion on freedom and choice is very good. People need this everywhere in itself without offending anybody.

    I work with the international community and the World Court. This is the only reason I know this. You need to get global with your opinions on freedom and choices. All here need it.

    • It sounds like you have experience both within and without American soil, and that you have both the observational skill and humility to recognize Ameri-centric attitudes’ negative consequences. I agree with you. If you’ve not already seen it, I have posted a survey asking whether Americans’ attitudes about other nations, peoples, and ways of thinking/doing things would change much if more of them traveled abroad. I suspect they would, though I’m not sure to what degree.

      It grieves me that far too many missionaries have tried to Ameri-Christian-ize the world, not because I disagree with sharing the Good News but because I disagree with the hypocritical manner of acting authoritative in aspects they themselves have not conquered yet. At the very least, have the transparency to admit what you’re still working on, and invite others to join you in the effort. But this narrow-visioned, slightly imperialistic (though surely well-intentioned) approach stems from a deeper root, problematic in institutions of all kinds, and that is a misunderstanding about the authority we’ve been given: we are to have dominion over creation, not each other. That privilege has been reserved for God Himself, and rightfully so because He’s the only one capable of perfect governorship over us. Human-populated institutions sometimes have their place, with boundaries on their purpose and time. Now is a time for transition.

      Oh, and one last point about offense: those opposed to God will choose to be offended by His Truth, no matter the manner in which it is served. We are guaranteed that. Thus, those who choose God’s side, and choose to voice the truth should not limit themselves by God’s opponents’ choice to get offended. Not to say we shouldn’t say things in as best a manner as we can, but again there’s a difference between content and delivery of a message. Political Correctness has tried to stop the Truth before, and failed, thus it will again. We are guaranteed that, too.

      Have a blessed day!

    • Thank you. You write better here when you speak of god. It sounds better. Gods morals are the best. I wish you good luck. We all have work to do. Respecting cultures, heritages, while living gods morals rather then just speaking of them everywhere we go.

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