Posted by: sailingspirit | September 22, 2012

Politics IS Morality…

I used to say I hate politics, but as I have been made to see by a daring woman posthumously*, politics IS morality codified.  If your policies are corrupt, it is because your morals are corrupted.  Policies are nothing but words on paper; you wrote them, you can change them.  (It’s called a word processor, or document editing software. It’s 2012 already, get a clue.)  Thus, the saying “Sorry, but that’s the policy.  I can’t change it for you.  If I changed it for you, I would have to change it for everyone” is an admission of guilt and a shirking of responsibility.  Justifying your immorality with a smoke screen of nondiscrimination doesn’t fool us and doesn’t work to absolve you of your guilt: one size has never fit all, and thus you are discriminating by denying people the considerate treatment they rightfully deserve.  “One size” just means you’re too lazy to think more, and thus only the tiniest minority get what they truly need.

If you can’t manage to think and act for yourself, then you’re not only avoiding the blame, you’re avoiding the credit for doing it right.

For your sake and ours, stop acting faux-righteously stupid.  We aren’t fooled by it anyway.

Lillian Hellman.*Thanks, Lillian Hellman, for being such a vocal moralist playwright and standing up for The Little Guy, even when it wasn’t easy or popular to do.  Your character became larger than life because of it, and as memorable as those you wrote for the stage.

“I will not cut my conscience to fit this year’s fashions.”  –L.H.



  1. Politics do not belong anywhere for profit. Politics only puts ends to gains. This post is a direct conflict with your post on democracy and fear leading can’t be. Politics is one of fears main vehicles. It is just been used so long it has become socially acceptable.

    Politics are how gains are lost, mass removal of choices. Politics are the in to mass failure and lay the guilt on them all gig. If your vote doesn’t win, you become obsessed with your own judgement being bad. This has lead to the right and left wings in all parties wanting the same amount of control as the red communist.

    This vehicle has killed more trust in the world then other vehicles of mass removal of choice. Politics can’t be allowed to remain in government and the government claim to be a democracy.

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