Posted by: sailingspirit | September 16, 2012

Answer Me This: Questions Before Voting


Q1)  Looking at the end goal, do you believe it is possible to successfully turn a freedom of religion-based democracy into a governmentally enforced theocracy?

     a)  If so, what would you do differently so that you don’t end up with Pilgrims leaving your religious bullying to form a New Nation and ending up, essentially, a deomocracy anyway (see History of England)?

     b)  If not, why work piecemeal toward an unachievable goal?


Q2)  If the Omniscient God could not get a moral and perfectly behaved society through an enforceable legal system, why do you think flawed humans can?


Q3)  Just how long should a sub-standard substitution for a perfect governance be tolerated?  That is to say, just how long until humans catch on that the only perfect, unbiased, transparent, consistent, and incorruptible governance they can ever have is God Himself, directly, with no human intermediaries?

     a)  If all such human governmental systems are temporary anyway, how should we wean ourselves of them?


Q4)  Do you really not believe that spending as much time sharing the Good News as you do trying to make the news would “win hearts and minds” more effectively than heavy bombing or heavy-handed legislation?

      a)  What, precisely, is the agent of change you believe in?  The Word?  The Holy Spirit?  The Gavel?  The Sword?  The Media?

      b)  How does that choice require change to either your speech or behavior to bring it into conformance?


Q5)  When was the last time you experienced the Government work quickly, efficiently, and effectively on a broad scale?  For as long as it takes to get a passport, a visa, a divorce, get through airport security or some days even just to get stamps, how can you possibly expect the results of any administration’s choices to be felt while that administration is still in office?  How would recognizing the likelihood of this alter the way you approach voting for the future of our nation, not just our present?



  1. It’s not the big picture that convinces me, but the little pictures. My grandmother saw a beautiful moth one day, and very matter of factly remarked, ‘How can someone look at that and not believe in God?’ The simplest thing that convinces me of a greater being is an eclipse. Think of how stirring it is to see, and the wonder that must have inspired in the peoples of long ago. The moon passes between the sun and Earth, and for the briefest of moments covers the sun perfectly, leaving only the outer glow of the sun peaking around the edges. When one realizes that the sun is 400 times the size of the moon, we have to accept that they are positioned at the precise distance apart to make this effect possible. In all of the vastness of space, they are perfectly placed. Evolution? No. Design. An element of creation undoubtedly inplace to begin our evolution from simple hunter gatherers to wonderers, philosophers, and explorers.

  2. I posted my solution on my blog under government.

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