Posted by: sailingspirit | September 11, 2012

National Chauvinism: An Embarassment on the World Stage

National chauvinism is abhorrently unbecoming and reflective of the immaturity of this country’s populace, both its people and leadership who neglect to stamp it out.  No nation ever becomes great without suffering the hard-knock lessons that are intrinsic to its journey.  To flee such opportunities for humility and the transparent benevolence of wisdom-sharing is an apex of hypocrisy that will guarantee its quick and humiliating demise.

“Pride always precedes a fall.”

I am roseated and nauseated to be in any way lumped with the audacious “patriots” who myopically define and grandiosely over-stretch the phrase “greatest _________ in history” as if they are self-evident facts.  The more these are flung, the clearer it becomes such have nary cracked a book.  As the current campaigns prove, facts can be changed but truth cannot.  Sirs et al., not everyone agrees with your definition of “success.”


Get Curious About God’s Definition One Of These Days

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil...Absence of Evil?



  1. Are you speaking of male chauvinism here? I agree if you are. The male has destroyed their creditably in all public’s worldwide. But we as woman can’t be as small by carrying on that ugly bias of the weak majority to innocent men.

    We as women must be bigger. Biblical: Do unto others as you would have done to yourself. God helps those who help themselves.

    I believe this to be true. I don’t forget but I can forgive. We as women can’t be guilty of prejudging the Innocent. Law everywhere say we are Innocent until proven guilty. This is a very difficult thing to do. I face it every day. I even open my blog with it. Without Prejudice.

    This is a skill and one that needs to be self maintained and shared everywhere for women to be thought of as better too. We can’t join men in their weakness to gain.

    • No, as my title clearly states, this post is about National Chauvinism. It is ugly for people from any nation to chant, rant, or otherwise assert that they are better than everyone else simply because they happen to be citizens of a particular country. Likewise, it is ugly for people to assert that one country is better than all the others, for any reason frankly. “It is dishonorable to seek one’s own honor.” This has nothing whatsoever to do with gender.

    • I am glad you explained that. I call it in layman’s “The Perfect Government Races”. It sounds like you are very squared away. The world needs more of you.

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