Posted by: sailingspirit | September 1, 2012

Greatness Is Measured By Your Least



If the greatest punishment God can inflict

is His withdrawal,

a total abandonment,

complete absence of goodness,

light, or peace,

to be ignored and isolated,



Then no society wishing to think itself humane, moral,

progressive, sophisticated or just

would behave similarly toward its own.

That would be the very definition of ungodly.

Said another way, the opposite of godly: evil.


Greatness is measured by how the least are treated.


If you forget them, you are forgettable, too.

If they are flippantly waved away, as undesirable inconveniences,

If they are overlooked as mere specks in the scenery,

If leftover goods are halfheartedly tossed at them as if they themselves

are just disposable material things,

The rummage of the neighborhood,

Then your greatness is no more than the dime you spent.

—Indeed, if giving of your best, your time, yourself

makes you think you’ll be less great for it,

then you were never great at all.

A sham.  A coward.

Only those who are truly great are confident their generosity

will never lessen their greatness.

If they are the measuring stick of you, they cannot be any less purposeful than you.


They came into this world the same way you did.

God knows their names.  Can you not learn but one?

Their existence is no more a crime than yours.

Look not at their clothes, their hair, their filth–

What they carry in pocket or in bag,

Look them in the eyes!

Listen to the experience and wisdom they carry,

from a land you’ve not dared to tread.

Treat them with DIGNITY, not charity,

and you both will discover you contain the potential for greatness.


There is no such thing as “leftover” people.

As soon as you forget to care,

they forget you ever could have.



  1. Wow, this is so powerful. It brought tears to my eyes..

    • The photo did me, too, instantly, which is what inspired me to write what I had been mentally collecting. The Lord has been really deepening my understanding of the roots of homelessness, abuse, neglect, and abandonment lately via my own experiences of these things. My compassion has skyrocketed to a level I can only say is surely Christ’s own heart. The moment I saw that photo, it all came over me again in one swoop, like a tsunami. I felt compelled to speak. I’m glad you appreciate it.

  2. This is very powerful! Thank you!!

    • It’s encouraging to know you appreciate it. You are very welcome, indeed. My hope is that it will somehow impact others, as I have been challenged, to approach our dealings a little bit differently. I’m still trying to work out what my changes will be, exactly, but I’m grateful for what the eyes of my heart now see. Have a blessed day.

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