Posted by: sailingspirit | July 2, 2012

Women: Seize Your Destiny!

Many sub-groups of the human population have claimed extraordinary persecution over the course of history, such as the Jews and Blacks of African descent, the Palestinians today.  But none have suffered longer or more greatly than women.  Women have suffered since the beginning of human kind and continue to be targeted more harshly than any other group that can be labeled.  As much as this is true, the cause is also true: Holy Scripture (Genesis) records that the defeat of Satan will come from the offspring of the female, thus Satan and female kind will always be enemies.  Satan will bite at her heels but her offspring will crush his head.

The offspring of a woman is NOT so strictly limited as to only the children she births, but everything she brings forth into this world!  

More children are usually more of a burden, adding to the problems of life, but ideas and inventions and encouragement actually solve problems of this world!

Satan mercilessly attacks and oppresses women via every possible manner (including convincing men to do it for him) in order to thwart or delay his imminent defeat. God Himself knew this would happen because He knows what He created women to be: obedient followers of God who naturally keep love and hope alive, who choose teamwork as the best way to work, who communicate brilliantly, who show compassion toward the vulnerable, and who naturally share everything they are given with others who need to be strengthened.  What God has always tried to teach human kind to do, women naturally do.

Satan knows he’ll finally meet defeat when Godly women come into positions of social and spiritual authority, destroying the limitations of their example, influence, and contribution. 

However, throughout most of human history the majority of women have waited for permission to take these roles.  SATAN WILL NEVER ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN, HE IS NO FOOL.  Of all the times we have chosen to be civil and polite, keeping the peace, with Satan we must never keep the peace!  We must never be polite!  WE ARE SUPPOSED TO CRUSH HIS HEAD!

So women:  Today I give you permission to seize those positions of influence, to raise your voices like never before, to utilize the strength of your teamwork!  Stop waiting for the men to save you, stand up and be the ones to save the world from Satan’s fist!  Expect Satan to resist and retaliate, but also expect him to be defeated!  It is time to bring forth that which is in you!  Bring forth the world you want to see for yourselves, your communities, your families!  Do not seek the superiority of women over men, rather over Satan in order to bring forth the Kingdom of God and His Love that men and women may enjoy His peace together, forever!

You have already suffered as much as you can suffer, you have already proven that you are overcomers!  All of women kind will be on your side, which is 50% of the population already, and the children will be with you as well.  So you have the majority! (Just not the most vocal majority so far, but that will change when YOU become the most vocal!  Even those who doubt and fear will join your side once they see it working.)  Rise up, Beauty of God, inside and out!  RISE UP!   Who do you need to fear if Satan himself fears you?


How has this impacted your thinking on the matter?

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