Posted by: sailingspirit | June 17, 2012

Grace IS Deserved!!

I know, I know, everybody has been saying “Grace is undeserved favor” but listen even more carefully, watch the meanings of the words people are too-casually interchanging: Grace is “unmerited” favor, which is different than “undeserved”!!  To say that you cannot earn it is different than saying you do not deserve it.  You will see this truth if you look with your heart not your head.

To say that grace is undeserved favor is just candy coating on a piece of poop.  That’s like saying, “You’re dressed nicely for being such a loser.”  Who can possibly arrive at gratitude by way of insult?  Look more closely: to say that grace is “undeserved” favor is an insult disguised as something that should inspire you to gratitude.  That’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  That statement is the very mixture of law and grace we’re supposed to avoid!  It strengthens sin-consciousness instead of generating provision-consciousness.  Linguistic diarrhea simply must stop in the Body of Christ or the message will never effectively be delivered!

You do not merit grace by what you do, but Grace IS deserved by what God created you to become!  Necessary to get you where you’re going!  Your future deserves grace!  It’s un-earned because it’s decreed!  As a sinner you did not deserve it, but as a re-born Believer and citizen of the Kingdom, you DO deserve it because it’s been promised you as standard issue!  It’s in your Believers Bill of Rights!  It’s provided so that you don’t have to sin ever again!  Start seizing your opportunity and make use of this Amazing Grace!

Shame is the result of sin-consciousness; any person or institution using shame or sin-consciousness is using Devil’s tools to manipulate and control you, NOT God’s truth to inspire you. We must stop spreading guilt and shame, for that poisons people.  As God Himself said, it leads to death!  Rather, we must spread the Good News of inexhaustible provisions and opportunities to take advantage of.  We must all cause INspiration, not PERspiration!  Don’t say things like, “Don’t you know what you’ve done?!”  Say, “Did you know that with God’s provision, you could do it this way instead?”

The Gospel message is that God has provided everything we will ever need–and more–to live a Godly, productive, and fulfilling life from this moment through eternity.  He WILL heal you, deliver you, fix you up, clean you up, fill you up and make you better than new NOT because of what you’ve done but because that’s the way HE wants His Kingdom to be.  God won’t have no mess in His house!  Jesus did not say, “On this rock they will build my church.”  No, what He said was, “On this rock I will build My church.”  So it’s guaranteed!  God is not going around spanking everybody because He is busy building His House.  Allow yourself to be built, eagerly receive all the Grace you can!


How has this impacted your thinking on the matter?

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