Posted by: sailingspirit | June 17, 2012

God’s Justice: Believer’s Bill of Rights

Has anyone ever handed you a copy of your Believer’s Bill of Rights?  Do you know what your rights are in the Kingdom of God?  If someone violated your rights, or tried to deny them, would you even know?  What would you do?

Perhaps a Bill of such rights ought to be drafted and handed out to every person who decides to follow Christ and pledge allegiance to God, not Satan.  It should be part of a Starter Kit, a Welcome Package.  If you were to write up a draft, what would it include?

Well, certainly I would include a list of God’s Promises, since they are binding.  I couldn’t do it all here, but how about a sample of the 250 promises found in the New Covenant alone (also known as the New Testament):

#1  Salvation from the tendency to sin

#4  Protection by angels

#8  Earth as an inheritance

#11  A visible God

#17  Necessities for life

#18  Answers to all prayers

#21  Bodily healing

#27  Exposure of all secrets

#34  Rest for your soul (that is your mind, will, and emotions…like inner peace)

#37  Increased blessings

#44  Rewards for your good works

#45  Unlimited power

#51  Exaltation for your humility

#62  Deliverance from your enemies

#64  Joy

#70  Wisdom

#79  Freedom

#82  Mansions

#84  Love of God

#88  Fruitfulness

#90  Guidance

#101  Equality (Impartiality of God)

#109  A spiritual mind (that is, a new Godly mind)

#110  Restoration of Creation

#122  God’s vengeance on the wicked

#128  God to be faithful

#131  The righteous shall become judges

#138  The destruction of death

#154  Spiritual weapons

#160  Adoption into the “family” of God like sons (as opposed to being servants)

#164  Open access to God

#178  Help in times of temptation

#188  Discipline

#194  Satan must flee from you when you resist him

#230  No more tears

#232  Rest from hard labor

Okay that was more than a few selections but they’re so good, I couldn’t help myself!  Don’t you feel so much better for reading them?  Any surprise you?  How will you think/believe/act differently knowing these are your rights as a Kingdom citizen?  Have you started living according to these rights yet, or are you procrastinating for Heaven for some reason?  And what would you include in a draft of the Believer’s Bill?


How has this impacted your thinking on the matter?

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