Posted by: sailingspirit | June 3, 2012

Our Society and God’s Justice System

Which list best describes your day-to-day life experience?

List A:

worry, regret, shame, fear, anxiety, burdonsome labor, sleeplessness, uncertainty, disrespect, division/strife, anger, helplessness, loneliness, depression, loss, financial lack, competitiveness, aging, progressively worsening health, early death

List B:

healthy, strong, happy, peaceful, calm, united, success with ease, fulfilled, optimistic, vibrant, confident, respected, bold, rest, patience, helpfulness, abundance, multiplication, supportiveness, creativity, remarkable youthfulness, vigor

According to the Bible, people living under the Curse will experience the kinds of things in List A, while people living with the Blessing will experience things like those seen in List B.  If you chose List A as being the better description of your daily life, do you usually think of your life as cursed or did you just think that was normal life?

Most people today are struggling under cursed living but have no idea.  As a result, they believe the people who are worse than they are ought to suffer even worse than they do–which would have to be something rather catastrophic, by comparison.  In their minds, everyone has it bad, but bad people should have it more bad.  Does that sound like a loving God to you, or an angry one?  If people got what they asked for, we would have an angry God indeed.  That’s a rotten attitude, and flat out wrong.  So if you have been thinking this way or someone else taught you to live this way, scrap it!  Praise God He is good, good enough to not always grant us what we ask for, rather grants us something better.

A Jail Cell at the National Museum of Crime & ...

If you stop and consider everything you’re going through in life, does that not feel like punishment enough to you?  Are you enjoying it?  Then why do you not categorize it as punishment?  Why are you loitering in the jail cell after the door has been opened?  The reason people are struggling to see God’s justice in the world today is because they’re looking for their own definition of justice, not God’s.  Therefore, they don’t realize God’s justice is already at work.  According to God’s justice system, people who are rebellious and awful are sentenced to a miserable life (such as described by List A).  Saved Christians shouldn’t be living cursed lives, they should be living victorious lives.  So if they’re living short of what they could be, they’re experiencing what was appointed for the cursed.  Don’t wish for them to suffer worse than you, leave the suffering behind for them while you get free of it!

From God’s perspective, the righteous should be living like List B describes, in which case justice would be fully experienced by both the good and bad according to the plan. 

Don’t bash God’s plan because you’re distorting it.  That’s not fair.  His plan deserves to be judged for what it really is, not what you’ve made of it.  But realize that along with the definition of what “cursed” and “blessed” entails, God also defined what “good” and “bad” means.  And it’s not what you think it is.  It’s not about behavior.  God defines “good” and “bad” in terms of loyalty, trust, honor, priorities, gratitude, etc.  If you’re good to God, He’s good to you in return.  If you’re awful toward God, He leaves you to your awful self.  It’s not a complicated system, and it’s universal: everyone has equal opportunity to choose which branch of the system they want to follow.  You get out of it what you put into it.  The Prosperity/Poverty system is structured the same way.  (God is uber organized and systematic.  How could he run an entire universe otherwise?)

Part of the problem, though, is that people try to compare God’s system to secular society’s system, as if the secular system was the measuring stick.  That’s backwards.  Actually, comparing the two is just wrong, period.  The secular rule of law is not about any kind of relationship, it’s about behaviors, so it’s apples to oranges.  Being good to it isn’t determinant.  Human law systems can only enforce, and even at that, only a portion of what God has determined to be the negative consequences.  The rest are done by Him, whether actively or passively via the system He created.  So human justice systems are supposed to be tools that God uses to help execute His justice system.  (If they, themselves, will submit to doing so.)

So if the cursed life is consequence for being awful in relationships, primarily with God but secondarily with others as His beloved creations, you must throw out your junk beliefs about justice and learn the truth.  How much of your high blood pressure, premature aging, sleep disturbances, marriage problems, etc. could be linked to your bitterness, unforgiveness, dishonorable talk, selfishness, etc.?  Far more than you realize.  The Bible tells us so, God Himself tells it to those who bother to listen (see Note 1), and the physical record proves it (see Note 2).  Prove it to yourself–start taking a survey of people around you and notice the connections between their relationships and their health/life struggles.  Inward sin will eventually manifest in the physical realm, somehow.

Get a hold of this relationship justice system, and the behavioral, secular part will fall into place all on its own.  Get a hold of God’s definition of normal, and you’ll finally leave the cursed life behind.  Hooray for List B, B for Blessed!

(Note 1: “One of the most common ways that hidden sin is revealed is through the maladies of the body.  Resentments and ill will bring about more arthritis than is caused by wrong diet.  More asthma is caused by repressed fury than by pollen or cat fur.  There was no illness in the body of Jesus because there was no sin in His soul.  There was weariness as a natural result of labor and sacrificial service, but there was no undue fatigue and exhaustion brought on by anxiety….Do not condemn others for jeopardizing their health by harmful habits and wasting their energies on vain pursuits while you undermine your health by unworthy emotions.”  Whatsoever You Sow, pg. 124-5, Come Away My Beloved by Frances J. Roberts

Note 2: Retained and repressed beliefs/emotions cause physical disease: fear/worry leads to kidney disorder, anger to liver disorder, grief/sorrow to respiratory disorder, panic to heart disorder, even congenital (inherited) disorders are caused by internalized feelings by the parents/ancestors, including when the child is in the womb and most significantly when it is present for 3 or more generations continuously.  See interview with Medical and Bible researcher Jim Richards, conducted by Sid Roth and broadcast on TV/Internet 6/11/12.

Note 3: See research and books by neuroscientist Caroline Leaf, Ph.D., such as Who Switched Off My Brain?: Controlling Toxic Thoughts and Emotions)


How has this impacted your thinking on the matter?

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