Posted by: sailingspirit | June 3, 2012

Quick and Simple: Sin and Righteousness

Concept: You get green eyes only if your parents possess the trait for green eyes and pass it down to you.  Green eyes isn’t something that “gets on you.”  You cannot earn green eyes through your own good deeds, nor can you lose green-ness of eyes through bad deeds, because the color of your eyes is not, cannot be, never will be determined by your behavior.

Same Concept:  A sinner is not a person on whom sin has been imputed or added; you were not “fine” until you did a bad thing and then sin got “on” you.  A sinner is a person who has lost something, who is deficient, lacking.  Has lost, is lacking righteousness.  Sin is not a substance, it is a state of being, a status.  Everything reproduces its own kind; therefore all humans are born into sin because humans can only pass down that which they possess.  Adam and Eve lost their righteousness, therefore they could not pass it down.

Only God still had righteousness after the fall from Grace, therefore God was the only One who could pass it down to anybody.  God offered to re-issue right-standing to whomever would receive it, through receiving the truth about Him and the One He sent to teach us how to use it.  Once you receive Jesus Christ into your heart and life, you have received both Him and His righteousness to fill up that which was empty in you previously.  You have now been restored to full righteousness.  You are no longer a sinner, because you are no longer deficient. 

Any sinful deed you do thereafter will not change your state, firstly because righteousness is not determined by behavior in the first place, but also because the cause of your sin is a failure to utilize the righteousness that you now possess.  Most of the time it’s because you either don’t know that you have it, or you don’t know how to use it.  So God doesn’t see you as a sinner–deficient–He sees you as righteous but uneducated.   He is merciful toward the fool, but instructs “in all your getting, get understanding” and “renew your mind.”

God came to dwell among us as a human (Jesus) in order to teach us about righteousness and demonstrate for us how to utilize it.  We are to study His words and imitate His ways.

God saw our deficiency, provided what we were lacking, gave us an operating manual and an example, and also gave us a 24/7 helpline just in case we got stuck.  There is no excuse for remaining a fool and failing at life in light of all this.

Recognize your own deficiency, get what you’re lacking, and learn how to use it effectively.  It will fix anything and everything.  Rise to a better life.


How has this impacted your thinking on the matter?

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