Posted by: sailingspirit | May 25, 2012

Reaping Is An Art To Be Learned


During a study of a series “Live on Purpose,” by Bishop T.D. Jakes, I received some rhema statements to share:

The Lord said,

“You may not feel qualified to reap the harvest because you did not plow or plant or water or weed or tend it. But do not feel that you have failed, because this crop is far too big for you; you could not have ever done it all anyway! Your assumption of My standard is erroneous, not your performance. I have used many generations to plow, plant, water, weed, tend, and now reap this crop. You are the reaping generation because I have determined it to be that way. Because of the time, not your qualifications. The horsepower of the tractor does not determine the time at which to harvest! Stop hesitating because of your self, and start doing the labor I hired you for because it is My work that needs doing, not yours. This is My harvest, not yours. You just work here. The crop wasn’t your idea in the first place, you don’t even own the field. So you won’t get the credit for what it produces. No generation before you was any better qualified than you nor will any receive better compensation than another because of the portion of the work they did. I gave you My story about paying the workers as I see fit. But don’t confuse Me with a human-run corporation; I won’t use you then abuse you. You are not simply a cog or a number, to Me. You are not interchangeable, nor replaceable. If you quit, there will be a problem. Moreover, there is only one other you could work for, and that would be worse for you. So correct your erroneous thinking: let your thinking permit My yoke to be light, and experience the benefits package I have for you. No loyal worker goes without promotion in My Kingdom. Far greater than a gold watch awaits you. I AM the only sure pension plan; do not expect any other.

Just what indicators did you think you would see, anyway? Just what signals or circumstances, specifically, were you watching for? How does a people’s internal readiness to receive Me look on the outside, that you would observe it from afar? If you cannot see what I am able to see, why would you ever think you could determine the time of harvest? The wheat does not know its true purpose, it only knows that it should grow. It does not know to ask for sun or rain. Could the wheat ever expect that what is best at a certain time is to be cut down? Recall that I have given you no part in the process that occurs below ground, out of sight, in the dark. You merely position the seed. I am the One who makes it grow. Your efforts could be the same for seed that both produces and fails. As I am the Artist who makes it grow, I am also the Artist who knows when, and how, to harvest it. Harvesting efficiently, and without damage or waste, is an art. Learn from Me and those I have taught before you, that you might not be merely a day laborer, who has no part of the harvest but only a wage. Rather, learn to be a farmer, that you would develop the in-sight and become wise, as well as a shareholder in the profits. There is no shame in following an accomplished leader, for an apprentice is expected to one day exceed his teacher. Reap, though, that I may adjust your technique rather than your motivation.”


How has this impacted your thinking on the matter?

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