Posted by: sailingspirit | December 20, 2011

Select Your Press

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There’s an upsurge of amateur journalism as the ability to self-publish on the Internet has come into the fullness of all possible modalities, equipment for doing so is now affordable for pretty much everybody, and especially as the more traditional media formats are embracing the Internet-based content as valuable sources.  Perhaps no more obvious examples exist than what we are witnessing today: citizens across the Arab world are recording proof of governmental injustices on their cell phones and posting them on Facebook, YouTube and the like.  And Bradley Manning outed the U.S. military’s dirty secrets by submitting documents and video to Wikileaks.  I’m currently typing this on a blog.

Today’s Bible study time reminded me that we ALL are reporters and marketers in our daily lives whether we use the Internet or not, whether we record any of it or not: we give press by what we talk about.  Just as importantly as we choose where we get our news FROM (corporate- or government-manipulated media vs. viewer-generated or viewer-supported media), we have a choice in what we give press TO.  This includes both content originating with us, as well as stories that “come across our desks” that we choose to amplify or “let fall to the floor.”  Even if you feel like you have an endless number of words to say in a day, you have only 24 hours to say them in so you ARE  constrained to a limit.  You are forced to make a choice.  Thus, choose wisely what or who you will give press to.

You advertise either for God or for Satan by whose activity you talk about.  If you complain all day long about the things going wrong in your life, you’re advertising the successes of Satan’s destructive actions and he’s getting the press for free.  (By the way, he thinks that’s the most hilarious thing ever–he not only ruins your life but you help him ruin others by making them afraid they’re next.  It’s a Win for him but a Lose-Lose for others and you.)  Comparatively, if you talk about the victories and successes that have been achieved by God and His people, whether in your life or others’ lives, you’re giving God and His Truth good press.  The perk to this is that you not only build others’ faith, you edify yourself whenever you speak Truth.  And what I love most about speaking Truth is this: The Facts Will Change When You Rely On Truth.  So you don’t just report what’s going on, you’re helping create what you want to see happen.

So the bottom line to today’s blog post is this: become a good journalist, by selecting your press carefully and being pro-active, not reactive.


How has this impacted your thinking on the matter?

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