Posted by: sailingspirit | October 3, 2011

Creasing Paper Ears

To speak.  To be heard.  One cannot speak and hear.  So then one cannot think and feel.  To give all attention to one is to inspire and empower the others.

Ah, but you, a willing and impressionable listener.  Willing?  Yes, for you, blank and permeable, what are you if not blackened and creased?  Your willingness to give is to receive.  For you, to die is to live.  Inanimate–not so to the lonely.

And for me to speak is to take flight.  For my concentrated soul to become words–energy into matter, and of divine rite.  To feel is to be and to speak is to think not unto oneself or to the trees but the ear, so then the mind.  Truly, I seek the mind but I aspire the heart.  A sacred quest, at that.  God bless.

So when shall this energy-turned-reality be received as the gold which underlies the plate?  Seems patient must I be and yet to whom do I answer?  If it is but myself I seal my own end and prolong that which is my own undoing.  To speak is not to not serve; rather to speak is to serve: myself firstly and all, rightly.  The wood lacketh when less that which brings beauty like the green.  So, too, God’s firmament lacks when Hosannas ring low.  If He so justly maketh me of body and mind let not they o’r rule the Spirit.

So to thee I pray thanks and offer odes, for what livens us both moves me and thee not.  Cousins, then, keep my company as spirit speaks to fraction-spheres of time perhaps not mine own.  So keeps my spirit along as others’s do.  Sigh, would I rather see hearts pressed in the eyes of my own reflection.

copyright 1998/2011



  1. “One cannot speak and hear.”

    Brings to mind a Zen quote:

    “Do not speak unless it improves silence.”

    It does us all well to just sit and listen. It does us well to not speak when silence is best.

    • OOh, yes, that’s a good one! I happen to love silence, to treasure it. I’m currently surrounded by people who, I am coming to think, fear it. Or perhaps more accurately, fear facing themselves or God in it. Drives me batty, but I’m changing the atmosphere here and the richness of silence will prevail.

    • I know what you mean. I know many people who can’t stand silence. They don’t like the thoughts and feelings it brings. Sadly, these are the people who need to sit in silence the most to sort things out. God and your inner nature offer solutions only when we are quiet.

      I made my home a sanctuary. I can play music or sit in silence. The only thing I want to complete the feeling is a nice indoor water fountain.

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