Posted by: sailingspirit | June 7, 2011

Putting Down Roots

Mature cone

When I was a kid, they gave us trees at school. A little sprig, tiny roots, a blue spruce but barely a tree. We planted that tree in the front yard; a few times it was almost mowed. Through the hot summers and frigid winters this little yet hardy thing persevered. It showed new growth at the tips and top; I admired it regularly. Over time it got bigger and stronger and more beautiful, like me. As I got older I spent less time admiring it, more confident it would make it on its own. But it got colored lights every Christmas, and can be seen in more than a few family photos. I was sad when we moved away; I could not know if They would love the tree as I did, if they would know the story of how tiny it was the day I carefully cradled it all the way home from school and how we planted it as a family in the most prominent place with intention, optimism and hope. I witnessed it growing taller and bigger than me in a child’s lifetime. I witnessed a strong, healthy, beautiful thing grow. That tiny sprig became blue, perfect life.

I can’t take much credit for that wonderous slice of life, for it took far more than me to succeed. But I’ll always remember that blue spruce tree. It shared my childhood and my home. We grew together.

Today we plant more trees. They’re much bigger and much different. They’re planted for a different reason, in a different place. But I think what we’re planting will still become a special memory for me, a time-exposed picture I’ll always keep. It begins with you holding me closely under it’s limited shade, and speaking softly in my ear. It begins with our optimism and hope. And we plant them in a prominent place to protect and beautify our home, the next place for me to call home since I was a child all those years ago. Over time the effort will fade and be forgotten, replaced by memories of their strength and splendor. We will have witnessed the occurrence of something great.

I hold hope today, too, that I will witness a time-exposed memory develop of us, and our growth. I hope to remember less the effort and more marvel the splendor and strength. I know I will have little credit for all it becomes. But I am blessed with another strong trunk and reaching branches with which to share this next portion of my life. I love that, and I love you.


How has this impacted your thinking on the matter?

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