Posted by: sailingspirit | May 11, 2011

Guarantee Your Future Success

Ever notice how people on TV, like movie stars or sports stars, seem to have this mega-confident life like they just know everything they do is gonna be a big success?  Ever wish you could live like that?  How would your daily demeanor change if you knew in advance that everything you did was guaranteed to work out fabulously?

I don’t know anybody with a scrap of ambition who doesn’t wish for a guarantee of their future success. There’s nothing profound in that observation–endless aisles of how-to books and equally endless conferences of motivational speakers are just trying to fill that need.  But any publicist will advise that the smart thing, the necessary thing, to include in any book, or product, is a disclaimer that states the author/speaker’s non-liability for your variable results, and at best they only guarantee your money back.  But that money doesn’t refund your hope, or your time lost trying.

Reading a young man’s blog today reminded me of my own self, and just how much I used to believe that I had to really put my nose to the grindstone, I had to really work hard and sacrifice hard and push push push my way to success.  I had to prove myself.  I had to out-compete others for limited opportunities.  I had to take advantage of every moment and let nothing pass me by or I would never reach that elusive goal.  Give it all ya’ got, hustle!  Hustle!  I had an inner Mike Ditka.

Much later I found out that there is such a guarantee for future success, a guarantee that everything will turn out just as you had dreamed, even better, no risk involved.  And, better yet, it wasn’t about “results may vary” so you didn’t have to worry about it much less work so hard to earn it.  Not to say there wouldn’t be some effort involved, but that it would just be the regular daily doing effort.  Not all the extra pushing stuff, straining to get noticed and accepted.

This, good people, is God’s Method.  God’s Method is guaranteed to work, every time, without fail.  It doesn’t cost you money payable in monthly installments to your credit card.  And He won’t push it on you like a motormouth TV sales host.  He just offers it, right there on the shelf next to everybody else’s method.  Choose it if you like, pass on it if you don’t like.  Your method isn’t necessarily guaranteed to fail, but is it guaranteed to succeed?  Would you rather take a chance on a method that might not work, instead of one that certainly will?  Most people would not.

I see that skeptical scrunch on your face, and I understand.  I was there, too, once.  Here’s the fine print (or not so fine, if you get the Large Print Bible instead):  God’s Method is guaranteed because it’s the only method He endorses.  That means, it’s the only method for which He has promised to contribute, to show up for, to partner in, to commit resources to.  When you do life His way, He will join you in it and help out.  You have a powerful partner, you are not doing it alone.  Now note, if you’re partners, He gets a say in what happens.  You don’t get to just snatch all His resources and bolt out the door to do 100% of your own choices.  Try that and see if He doesn’t put a stop payment on ’em.  If you choose your own method, He will not promise Himself or His resources, and thus, you are on your own.  He’ll wish you Good Luck and wave a cheerful Bon Voyage, but that’s it.  Let us know how that works out for ‘ya.

This is your LAST CHANCE. After this, there is...

Image by kirainet via Flickr

Me, I’m gonna sit back and enjoy the process, instead of pushing so hard, because I’ve chosen the Guaranteed Method.  And I really look forward to each of our “planning meetings” because He always knocks my socks off with His suggestions, and He always comes through when I’m in a pinch.  He’s the best partner ever.  Nice workin’ wi’cha, G!



  1. Cool! Sign me up! No, wait, I read that book and infact it’s such a great book, I can’t really bring myself to put it down and shelf it. You’re right, too. Those staff meetings are awesome! The ones I used to run required me to buy the staff pizza or Chinese, and the ones I attended sometimes came with ice cream and all the toppings. The perks of the meetings with my new partner? Eternally better than any of the others!

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