Posted by: sailingspirit | May 10, 2011

Servant Released and Transported Away

I’m twirling and singing today over the news I just heard from a close friend.  Imprisoned in the World’s Worst Job, and in a particular predicament because her recently totalled car wouldn’t yield enough insurance money to buy a replacement, she was urgently praying for His help because she was at the very end of what she could do for herself.

“You know how much I hate this job, Lord,” she prayed, “and how it’s destroying me in spite of my efforts to walk Your way.  But now I’m in a real fix–and I fully admit it’s my own fault.  But here I am, coming to You.  I’ve tried searching for every remedy within my own ability, but have come up dry.  None of my co-workers live near me, so I can’t find a ride home or back to work.  The busses can’t help with my shift hours or location.  The insurance money won’t come for a while yet and won’t be enough even if it did.  I asked the Church if they could help, but nothing yet.  And you know how my supervisor is–he won’t help anybody and especially not me.  I don’t have a way to get home from work tonight, nor any way to get back to work tomorrow.  I can’t see a way to get enough money, either, even if I get an advance on my paycheck.  And you know there isn’t much time left on my contract, either, so I can’t save up for a new car or the moving expenses I’ll have soon.  If You don’t help, well it’s all just going to go very badly and I’m afraid to think of what will happen to me.  What now, Lord?  Please help.”

That evening, God brought a fellow employee into her path who was able to take her home safely that night and give her a ride the next day.  The next day, she walked in faith into her no-budge supervisor’s office to ask for help, and got shocking Favor with him–she was given the week off (paid!) to search for a replacement car.  Returning to the car rental desk that previously turned her away, she got Favor again to get an extended rental at an unusually cheap rate.  God totally came through for her!

But it did not end there.  When she returned to work, and the time came for her 1-year contract to be almost up, she turned in her resignation letter extra early to make up for the sudden notice of her car emergency.  She prayed again, “Lord, I am floating on the clouds today because I can see the end is near. Yet, at the same time, the closer I get to freedom the more anxious I become.  I’m actually starting to worry, because I’m disconnecting so much already if a real emergency happens during my shift, I may not respond properly and I’m not okay with that.  Lord, if you want me to finish out my job commitment I will do it.  I will do it for You.  I will need an extra boost of fortitude from You to get through, but I will do it.  But, Lord, if there’s room in Your plan to free me of this horrible place early, I’m asking that You make a way.  I don’t ever want to become like these people or do a less-than-my-best job.  And Lord, if they make me do an exit interview, You’ll have to help me keep my mouth shut because I’m afraid I’ll tell them what I really think.  I don’t want to lie, but they won’t like what I have to say and I’ve seen enough to know they’ll retaliate.  Thank You, Lord, for considering it.  And thank You for what You’ve already done.  I won’t doubt You again, and I have learned my lesson–all the worry and fret is a waste of energy because You will help.”

Next day, her supervisor found the resignation letter and called her into the office.  She reminded herself that if God is for her, who need she fear? So she sat down with confidence and resisted the Enemy’s attacks.  In the end, her supervisor told her that she could go home and did not have to return to finish out her remaining three weeks on the contract.  She would still be paid for those remaining three weeks, but did not have to come in.  She was released early.  In fact, she didn’t even have to finish that work day or do an exit interview with HR.  She could just turn in her walkie-talkie and facility keys and go.  FAVOR!  Oh, but it’s still not over!  That evening she was able to attend church again for the first time in months, not being at work, and when she got there she was told that a woman who intended to take her vehicle with her when she moved cited a sign from God to donate it instead.  The church office said God gave them her name, and Voila! the vehicle was in the parking lot–in the spot right next to where my friend had just parked her rental.  That’s right–she had just been given a free vehicle!  Just a little old, beat-up car?  No, a very-well maintained and very dependable….wait for it…wait for it….SUV large enough to move with!!!

1995-1998 Ford Explorer photographed in USA. C...

Image via Wikipedia

So my friend was able to return her rental early and save all that money, is now able to move early and save the money from an additional month’s utilities, will be getting 3 more weeks’ worth of paychecks, the deposit returns on her utilities and apartment, the insurance money from her old car, and whatever money she makes selling her furniture before she goes.  Everything else will fit in her free SUV, with no moving costs, so she’ll be on the road by the end of this month and have extra cash in her pocket.  This dedicated Servant has been given her freedom, and is being sent away with more than what she asked for.  She, like Hagar, willingly went back into an awful situation trusting God to effect change.  And she, like Hagar, has been seen.

Sometimes totalling your car and being let go from your job are the very best things that could happen to you.  That is, when you put the remnants in God’s hands and see what He will do with them.  :D

Alleluia!  It is Resurrection Season indeed!


How has this impacted your thinking on the matter?

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