Posted by: sailingspirit | May 5, 2011

Triune is Hi-Def, Clearly Superior to Mono

Today I’m realizing (again and yet anew) the superiority and wisdom of tri-unity.  What good does it do to ideate, express, create, when no one is on the other end to receive, appreciate or discuss?  Have you ever felt rather spent having put a lot “out there,” whether spoken or written or as paintings or however it is you express yourself, only to have no one respond?  It’s a very dead-end feeling.  And from another angle, do we not perceive those who are content to talk only within themselves, crazy?

Furthermore, how can any singular personality have total sovereignty without being a dictator?  How could anyone think of God as loving if God existed prior to all creation and did not exhibit love?  Most teens value acceptance and popularity with peers far greater than that from family because they recognize the default-ness about a parent’s love.  Most people favor that which they themselves create.  Likewise, we might be able to say “Of course God loves us, He made us.  Does He love anyone He did not create, so that we could know for sure He’s capable of loving without bias?”  Indeed, He did.  By way of being triune, three distinct personalities having the same spirit in common, we have every reason to believe and trust our God for guidance on relationships because God is, by very nature, in constant relationship–He is always actively Loving.  Thus, He is capable of loving us and teaching us how to love each other.  If only more people would trust God’s wisdom for relationships in addition to, and perhaps even prior to, His wisdom for personal lives!



  1. Thank you for a great post.

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