Posted by: sailingspirit | May 1, 2011

Who Has the Authority to Give Rights?

At first pass, the UN’s International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights sounds good and all, but when I looked back at it a second time I realized how utterly western and audacious it is. (Perhaps not exclusively western, but I haven’t lived everywhere to be able to speak for other continents.) I can totally understand why Muslims would reject and ignore the outsider’s assertion that anyone can choose any religion he or she wants at any time, without coercion or consequence. (I want to say I saw it written somewhere that a person could change his religion, too, at will, but I’m not sure where I saw that.) In fact, as a “real” Christian, I don’t believe that. It’s a purely secular, political statement not a religious one. It claims to be Civil Rights, but what is right and fair is largely determined by our morals and values, which originally stemmed from our beliefs about ourselves and our place in this world. Our meaning of life. For most, that means based on their spiritual or religious beliefs. And for those of us who are truly submitted to God, we acknowledge His laws and His directives as superior to that from any group of mere men. We don’t have the right to choose what is right and what is wrong, who God is and who He is not. God does! He determines those things! Our freedom of choice is limited to accepting Him or not accepting Him. Anything outside of Him is made-up! Mostly by men! Those of us who believe strongly should be shocked, saddened and horrified when people reject or defame our God! There are consequences for the choice made wrongly! Now the Muslims wholeheartedly believe they have the proper choice, which Christians don’t entirely agree with, but from inside their p.o.v. it is understandable and proper to be upset! Why would anyone walk away from the (perceived) truth? Why should we let them without the least resistance? I’m certainly not advocating violence or coercion, but this is not chosing how we want our coffee here.

Mankind is trying to give us rights he doesn’t have the authority to give because these kind of rights can only be given to us by God. Mankind is sneakily trying to jockey humanism and Civil Rights to the level of Godship under the subtle influence of Satan.  And clearly it’s pointless, a) because even the countries who seem most in agreement with such statements do not enforce such laws well enough, and b) enforcement is a type of coercion anyway.  If people are themselves not believers in the principles, and motivated enough within themselves to self-enforce, the dream is dead.

Perhaps what should have been written is that each person has the right to choose which land to live in, thereby choosing to go along with the beliefs, morals, and resultant laws of a country or not. Thus, if someone follows Christ, he would be allowed to leave an officially Atheist, Buddhist, or Islamic country that disputes Christ to live in a country whose system is based on the Bible. And someone who does not accept the Bible would be free to go live in a country that does not base their system on it. Thus, no one should be detained at the borders nor having to beg and plead for safe haven, neither in an argument about whether it’s proper to have to work on a Sunday or a Friday nor what holiday to wish each other happily because we’d all be in agreement about it.

If the UN’s statement were changed, would America choose to commit to being a Christian nation, and do it fully? If it chose to self-declare as non-committal, would you still want to live here over a nation that declares a committment to the Bible?  Can you think of any nations that are clearly and officially Christian?



  1. Just a couple months after this post, South Sudan became the newest nation on Earth, officially and proudly Christian.

  2. I recently heard some people say they wanted to assert their “right to heal.” I found that rather a curious phrase. Is healing truly a right? If so, given by whom? To whom? Does anyone not get that right? Where is it written? Can it be proven? What do you think of that statement?

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