Posted by: sailingspirit | April 11, 2011

Why He Doesn’t Say How

Even when God tells us the What, or the Who, and we pester until we tease out the Why, He usually doesn’t answer When, Where, or How.  Aggravating, isn’t it?  Don’t we always receive His revelation with further inquiry?  Demanding, even?

Well, now I know why He doesn’t say How.  It’s like…crazy simple:

If He told you How he intended to do something, your response would be either of two things

1) disbelief, disagreement, and persuasion to change His method to match your brain, OR

2) accepting it but then believing because you trust the method, not Him.

And that’s just not nice.

Truthfully, your knowledge about the plan has zero impact on His ability to make one or carry it out.  So if all He’s already done in your life, and in the lives of all humanity before you (conveniently recorded for your rememberance in a travel-sized book) is not enough to convince you He’s got a good resume and track record worth trusting, well then you’re kind-of a jerk.  He’s trying to do something nice for you–something you’re not nearly as capable of doing for yourself.  The least you could do is smile about it.


How has this impacted your thinking on the matter?

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