Posted by: sailingspirit | April 11, 2011

Unsustainable Education Idolatry

I would like someone to prove to me that Higher Education is the “Magic Bullet” that will solve all our nation’s/world’s problems.

Because it would be quite a feat.

The truth is, setting a goal to see every kid receive a top-notch education is just NOT practical or sustainable.  If every young person graduates with advanced degrees and outstanding expectations, then there would have to be an outstanding job waiting for every one of them, wouldn’t there?  Tell me, when everybody expects to be the boss, who is left to follow?  If everyone expects to make six figure salaries because of how hard they worked in school, who will be willing to drive the busses, collect the garbage, sweep the streets and plumb the leaks?  Are we going to give them six figures, too, so it’ll seem fair?  Where would all this money come from, anyway?

And why on earth would someone bother to go through all that if they knew they could make big bucks for sitting in a toll booth?

It’s craziness!  All we have done is raised the bar for competitive advantage from fairly high to galactic.  And the students, who continue to be mere human beings, can’t take that much pressure.  They’re committing suicide in record numbers.

How is this not obvious to everybody?  Ay ay ay.

I say we wait to pay our student loans back until the Government demonstrates IT comprehends the meaning of “this is not a grant…this loan must be repaid.”  If not, then fine–I raise my debt ceiling, too.  So there.  Sounds just as stupid when you say it.


How has this impacted your thinking on the matter?

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