Posted by: sailingspirit | April 11, 2011

The greatest impotence of men: failing to prevent rape

(from a discussion about rape)

I think that’s why so many people struggle to believe in God; it seems to them the most awful hurts are not brought immediate or sufficient justice, as in the story where the couple merely lies about how much money they contribute and God smites them where they stand.  Or one of Joshua’s soldiers witholds some loot and…wasn’t it that the earth swallowed him up?  Well anyway, if we really had a fear of His justice like that people wouldn’t dare do such awful things.  Nevertheless, the fundamental flaw in human justice is that it’s reactive, not proactive.  The damage has already been done.  No matter what sentence those men get, she will not be able to live another second of her life the same way again.  It’s all different now.  Bad, different.  Her whole personality and experience of life will be changed.  She will continue to suffer for as many moments as she lives, even if they are put to death and the shame is over for them.  There is no justice in that.  And no well-meaning Christian telling her God will balance the scales in some far-off eternity will be of any consolation; if God really cared about her He’d smite them this very instant.  Or, better yet, would have smote them the moment they unzipped and spared her altogether.  And I really pray no well-meaning Christian tries to explain how fair God is by not smiting them because then He’d have to smite her, too, for she also is a sinner.  You NEVER counsel a victim by saying he or she is also to blame.  EVER.  That only worsens things; now she hates and distrusts Christians, too.  And their calloused, impotent God.

Though you and I know she needs to run to Jesus, because He is the only one who can even begin to heal her from this, and–Praise God, in heaven we won’t even have the memory of such things–and even the perpetrators need run to Jesus for reform, it still leaves the question of pro-active justice on the table.

I know there is one or maybe a few movies out exploring this topic, of being able to detect a crime in its plotting stages and arrest the criminal before the act is committed.  I haven’t seen any of them yet, have you?  Maybe this would be a good activity to do as a viewing/discussion/bible study group.  What would it take to stop evil acts before they happen, and would it be humanly possible to keep up with all of them, to maintain true fairness?  Or does the other end of that thought train point us back to the fact that only God can effectively do that job, and only complete it outside the realm of time?

The only way I can begin to cope is to remind myself that “the weapons of our warfare are not carnal,” that we fight not against the men whose bodies we see committing the crimes, but against the evil spirits we cannot see who put them up to it.  Because winding up with everyone in jail does not stop the root, Satan, who cannot be contained by iron or steel.

What could be done?  Bumper-stickers, distributed out across the world: “Fight smarter, not harder–Satan is the enemy, not people.”


How has this impacted your thinking on the matter?

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