Posted by: sailingspirit | April 11, 2011


Quiet!  Can you hear it?
Can you hear Him?
If He speaks to you, will you hear Him?
And if you hear Him, will you listen?

God speaks to each of us.
In different ways, He speaks to us.
In a soft whisper through the trees,
On a brilliant highway billboard sign!
He communicates.  Tells us, shows us.
But will you see?  Will you recognize Him?

His voice is precious.  Invaluable.
But you must listen, not just hear.
An answering machine hears you.
Your dog hears you.
But your friend listens.
Your family listens.
--And they respond.
Will you listen?  If so, how will you respond?

Will you jump up and sing "Hallelujah!"
Or will you give Coincidence the credit?
‘Cuz it could happen any time.
--Right now, maybe.
Are you prepared?
Are you ready to do what God will ask?
Could be anything.
"Stop locking your brother in the tool shed!"
"Bring in the mail for old Mrs. Thompson."
"Tell someone, 'I love you, Man!'"

Little things.  Big things.  Anything.
Are you prepared?
God speaks to each of us.


Copyright 1996/2011 All Rights Reserved.

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