Posted by: sailingspirit | April 11, 2011

Saving You Strife: College Tips pt.5

#5  Try to maintain some influence in their extra-curricular choices, even in college.  Some activities are better than others at keeping students busy and out of trouble, as well as providing good work/leisure balance and social exposure.  Things like minimally-competitive sports and performing arts clubs are typically well-populated, conducted in public spaces, and well-known around campus.  They also set a bar for attendance, performance, and accountability.  Other activities can provide an easy way to slide into danger zones without much resistance.  Computer and video gaming, for example, is addictive and usually done from individual rooms.  Online games have a lot of bad stuff adversised on them, too, like porn portals.  Drama and Greek Row (Sororities/Fraternities) can go either way; check them out beforehand.  Any greek house that doesn’t have a live-in adult I would be wary of.  Activities that keep them in group contact with other adults off campus are good, too, like the student chapter of professional societies, community volunteer groups, environmental activism, etc.  Campus “bubbles” have a major impact on perspectives and decision-making.


How has this impacted your thinking on the matter?

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