Posted by: sailingspirit | April 11, 2011

Saving You Strife: College Tips pt.2

#2  Make absolutely sure they’re learning critical thinking skills.  Don’t assume schools are teaching this.  I can tell you that the vast majority of public schools, including public colleges/universities, are not.  They operate on a memorize & regurgitate system, trying to push them through like playdough using only multiple choice and standardized test scores.  Within a few days–sometimes hours–of the tests, students dump everything right back out of their brains.  Short-term memory learning is a waste of your money.  Every answer should be an essay–“Why or why not?  Show your work.  Support your answer and cite all sources referenced.”  I was considered an outstanding student all my life, but when I got to the Ivy League, my @$$ was handed to me like a hat!  I was finally taught how to truly learn, think, analyze, synthesize, evaluate, construct, etc.  When I took a test there, everything I had read and done for the homework was ASSUMED learned as well as I knew how to write my name, so the test proceeded from there to examine my abilities to apply that knowledge in innovative–yet accurate–ways.  I will not likely have to write another essay on the cerebrospinal chemistry of near-drowning and its implications for safety reform in single-engine aircraft, but in these End Times full of false prophets and false teachers, where we are to be “wise as serpents,” you can bet every sentence I read or hear is processing through a much mightier machine now.  Never again will anyone think for me.  And because I finally learned a hard lesson about #1 above, my ability to think and my direction of thinking are finally both correct.


How has this impacted your thinking on the matter?

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