Posted by: sailingspirit | April 11, 2011

Saving You Strife: College Tips pt.1

#1  THE BIBLE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT BOOK A STUDENT WILL EVER STUDY.  AND IT MUST BE STUDIED AS THOROUGHLY AND AS HARD, IF NOT MORE SO, THAN ANY OTHER.  After 10 years at the nation’s finest universities, all my learning was worth bupkis when it came to dealing with real life.  I could not possibly be any more serious about this; if you need to hold your student back a year to do some serious scripture digging before Freshman Orientation, please do!!!  They’ll only hate you for it a little while.  Later, they’ll clutch your ankles with thanks.  Since job prospects for graduates are pretty much nil right now anyway, give yourselves more time to save up and study what really matters.  It’s not just content, it’s how to think critically (more on that in #2).  I say this as one who loves books more than food, and who also is a lover of learning and study.  But after completing the “22nd grade” and then doubling my book collection within the first two years of my career, I look back and am queasy to admit that the first bible I ever owned was a high school graduation gift, which along with a few others picked up along the way made it through all those years of college and some…gee…30+ moves…to the top shelf in my home office in MINT condition until I was 30 years old.  Barely cracked until after my career had fallen apart, after my nervous breakdown, after the sky had fallen, as I was on the verge of losing everything including my health and will to live. (All praise be to You, Merciful God.)  Mind you, I was very active in student ministry grades 9 through 18.  But my denomination (and therefore my parents) never taught me that studying the Bible for myself was important.  I grew up believing the stories were quaint, but antiquated.  How is a wineskin going to help me get into the Astronaut Corps?  (Now that I know how much those Navy pilots drink, I have to reconsider…Ha ha!  Sorry.  I digress.)   Without the plumbob of the Truth in my life, all my early strongholds were of the world.  What’s worse, despite my never-ending enrollment I was totally uninformed about some of the most key things to know in this life!  I had much knowledge but little wisdom.  If I would have known then what I know now, the first 30 years of my life would have been much, much less agonizing and probably happy.  So, for example, knowing the difference between religion and relationship with God.  Soooooo key.  Knowing my rights and inheritance as an adopted child of the Kingdom–I don’t have to be sick, I don’t have to be broke, I don’t have to be lonely, I don’t have to be afraid, I don’t have to be sad, I don’t have to be confused or left out, I don’t have to be low on the totem pole….etc.  That demons are real and their attempts to warp and destroy us are real.  But!  We have the authority and victory over them, and fighting them off can be as easy as replying with scripture truth.  That God is my source for everything, NOT my job or my school or my government or my parents or my friends.  And that promotion comes from God, not man, so if we’re on our knees it should be to pray, not kiss butt.  Prayer and fasting DO work, and can do the work for us a lot of the time if we learn how to apply them.  That the Holy Spirit is like the ultimate Caddie, able to give me play-by-play advice on every topic and is always right.  That the Holy Spirit will help me understand my Bible and also enable me to do other things I could not do on my own.  That blessings are available to me when I’m in line with the Word, but if I wander off I’m on my own.  That everything I think, say, and do is recorded for playback on the Day of Judgement (and my parents will be there).  That everything God asks me to do is for my own good, developing skills in me that I will need to live sucessfully in this world (such as self control, honor, and perspective).  That I must allow God to renovate my mind as well as my heart, throughout my life.  Just how great a life God has planned for me when I believe how much He loves me and am willing to trust His choices will always make me happier than my own choices.  And when I learned the whole truth about God’s idea of marriage and intimacy, my whole concept of dating and sex changed forever because it is so beautiful, nothing less tempts me one bit.  Bible study really can change the way you see the world, the way you think about everything.  The take-home message is this: “The more of a mess your Bible is, the less of a mess your life is.”


How has this impacted your thinking on the matter?

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