Posted by: sailingspirit | April 11, 2011

Closer than you think

Ever had a friend, or maybe spouse, with whom you were so close, you didn’t even have to speak to understand one another?  For example, you could just look into each other’s eyes and know what was going on?  It’s like after enough time sharing experiences together, you reach a point where you already know how that person will react, and she you.  Like an ESP uni-brain sorta thing.  Connected.

There’s a Rumi poem that says the reed flute only breathes its mournful song after it has been separated from the reed bed.  Verbal communication is only necessary for the separated.

For some time now I’ve been trying hard to get closer to–feel closer to–God.  I guess I was looking for an experience outside my person…like a sensory thing.  Something to look at, maybe.  Apparently I was overlooking my breakthrough–y’know, one of those things where it’s so obvious you can’t see it?  Because I was assuming we were separated.  It came to me in two parts:

It’s kinda dumb to go to all the trouble to communicate at you, externally, when I’m already in you, internally.  It’s not the most efficient.  If you want to be so close, why are you pushing Me out?  Speaking is only for the ears.  We don’t need that now.


We are very close, now, because we share so many more feelings.  By the very nature of you going through what you’ve been going through, you’re coming to truly understand what I went through.  Which means we have that in common now; we “get” each other perfectly.  To think that everything I went through was to build compassion for you, yet also to prevent it from ever happening to you…well that just doesn’t really work now does it?  What would I have compassion for?  Flip that over–I understand everything you’re going through because I went through it first.  And now that you are, I totally “get” you and you totally “get” me.  It would never be if we didn’t follow the same path.  This way, we can be “get you” close, and I can still take you by the hand.  You do know me, now, because you know me.  And if I made it, so will you.

Well.  When you put it that way…I guess all this torture wasn’t such a waste after all.

Thanks, G.


How has this impacted your thinking on the matter?

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